It's Time: Star Wars RP (Sign Ups)


I had to make it eventually. Welcome to Episode’s first ( I think) official Star Wars RP!

The rules are as listed!

  1. Blur stuff, people. If it’s vulgar, blur it.
  2. Don’t describe sex scenes.
  3. You must have permission to kill a character, however, there are sometimes circumstances. If a character has no valid way to survive, you can contact me, and I will rule the fight.
  4. No Godmodding, and no auto hit! These are to be explained. Godmodding is being invincible, immortal, etc. Autohit is saying ‘I punch ___’ You must attempt to hit. Your opponent needs time to react. However, if cornered, and there is no valid way for a character to avoid being hit, then you may ignore this clause. Roleplay strategically, and make sure you can beat your opponents down!
  5. Problems in character are great! Conflict is encouraged. Just treat people outside of RP with respect. Contact me if you have any issues.
  6. Be creative! Nobody likes a cardboard character.
  1. Force Users MUST BE REQUESTED. There are a limited Supply.
  2. Original Characters ONLY

I’ll reveal a storyline soon enough.
Reserve/request now. Sign up will be posted soon.


Can I be Yoda?!?!


We aren’t doing canon characters. It’s originals only.


Oh nvm


Are we reserving Jedi or Sith or etc? Is this before Luke Skywalker ?


This is pre Old Republic, post Knights of the Old Republic II


Awesome thank you! How many characters can I make?


Up to three for now.
Are you requesting a force user?


prob one?

If it’s alright with you I’d like 1 female (non force), 1 male (force) and 1 male (non force).


Sure. That’s fine.
You don’t need to reserve for genders. Just force users.


The sign up will be up when I get to my computer again.


Can I reserve a force user also?




Hey, it great to see that you want to start RPing here.
However, there are certain rules we follow in this forum. Your RP doesn’t quite follow the criteria. You need to add a more detailed description for people to know more about the story and what you’d like to see happen in the RP. Also, before posting, we also try to ask/recommend that people use the ideas thread to see how many people actually want this RP to happen. This also helps to generate a group to tag to participate.

If you want to RP, then all you need to know is here!
Please read it, so that everyone follows the same guide.



It says that I’m working on the story. This is just to get sign ups ready.


Yes, I saw that, but you still need a basic description so that people know what they’re signing up for!