I've Been Gone for Months :((

I’ve been gone and this is for all those who got art, outfits, character design, etc from me and some of the friends I’ve made here. I wanted to give you guys reasoning to me being gone and why I can’t do as much of the things I do. And, I would like to apologize to everyone I didn’t answer. I really am not rude and do not ignore people often AT ALL :sweat_smile:

As you all know, I make tons of stuff from outfits and stuff like that! I love doing that so much! But, during that time I was using helping everyone here as a way to forget my problems. I was having a really bad time with my friends and working on it gave me an excuse not to address those problems. I started losing friends because of it and becoming really depressed and majorly stressed. So, I decided to go cold turkey on Episode so I could focus on me and those broken relationships. I didn’t read anything on Episode and I didn’t do any writing on my stories. And it got lots better, which I am so so happy about it. I am so much happier and less stressed, my anxiety levels have gone down so much too. I am happy to say I am back to writing, better than ever actually! Unfortunately, I will not be reopening my Art Shop. I will always be happy to help anyone! I hope you all understand my reasoning! I love this community so much!


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