I've got an error but I don't know why


I’ve got a problem,
when I type:
JOY (idle)

@pause for a beat <---- It give an error: I cannot use a director command starting with “@” here, But why can’t I use that? I just want that it pause for a second while JOY is standing idle.


If you want Joy to stand idle, you can’t do it like that without making her speak.

Do this instead:

`&JOY starts idle`

@pause for a beat


You can do both is and starts :relaxed:

@CHAR is eyeroll_subtle


@CHAR starts eyeroll_subtle


No problem, I found it on the old forums a while ago and saw that starts will allow for an animation to occur at the same time as another. Here is a screenshot I took of a post @Dara.Amarie wrote on these new forums.

Glad I could let you know! :grin:


Wow thanks for all the replies :smile: It helps me further, thanks again! :slight_smile: