I've got this problem and Episode seems unable to help :(


I’ve sent a ticket saying:

"My Episode application in my tablet fails to load and shows a message “Connection Timed Out”.
I have checked my internet connection and it works fine.
Actions taken:
Uninstalled and reinstalled the app.
Reset the tablet to its factory conf.
Cleaned memory cache and other apps.

Processor type
Android version

P.S. Application worked fine for almost 5 months until now. Same problem encountered with family’s smartphone."

When they replied they blamed it on my internet connection.
But the problem is NOT in my internet connection since another phone with the app worked fine with the same internet.
My father is an experienced technician, he told me the problem is not my internet or the device.
What’s going on?
If you can relate to my problem and you have found a solution please help me.


Did your father actually checked your tablet? It may be you set it to not be available on WiFi, only on mobile data.


@ioanna Please PM me the ticket number. Thanks.


No it’s on my wifi I’m not using mobile data.


If I understood well you’re asking me to send you this number: #127604 right?


In a private message, yes. I will look into this for you and private message you with any questions I might have. Thanks!




Please check your private messages for a pm from me. Thanks.



Topic closed as this can be handled via the support ticket the topic op submitted. Thanks all. :peace_symbol: