I've got writers block, help

So my story is about MC, she had a really bad accident that ended up terminating her pregnancy with her then boyfriend, Miles. MC came home from work early to find her bestfriend Wren and high school sweetheart in their bedroom having… you know… Anyways, that’s the accident that made her drop everything and run away to live with a stranger and her partner in a different city. While jobless and depressed, her roommate asks her to go to a bar and she agrees. Because she’s so upset and dazed, Greyson spots her alone and upset at the other end of the bar. As he’s staring at her, she turns to look at him and he winks at her. To his dismay, she rolls her eyes and walks away, leaving the bar to go home. Weeks pass and her roommates partner asked her brother to give her a job at his realtors firm, which he accepts. Coming home from her first day of work, she finds both her roommate and partner making out celebrating their engagement. They invite her to go out with their friends and family to celebrate, which she reluctantly accepts. Surprising everyone, Greyson finally attends his sisters engagement party. With MC getting drunk and reminiscing her past, she’s being watched by Greyson. Realizing that’s the same girl he had been thinking about for the past 2 months since the bar. This is where it’s revealed he’s the captain of a basketball team and famous with paparazzi following him and his every move. As time goes by he finds every chance to talk to MC and flirts with her but she’s hesitant and pushes him away. Shortly after Greyson is engaged to a supermodel, Elise. Which is then just a publicity stunt for both of them but MC doesn’t know that so she believes it and shuts down his every move no matter how much she fights it.

This is where I’ve stopped, I don’t know what else to do. I don’t think my brain has any more ideas… lol

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maybe elise had real feelings for greyson? this would complicate things as the MC would have to fight both of them off along with paparazzi and fans who may not like her.

or maybe, which i think is an even better idea, is for elise and the MC end up becoming friends and then becoming lovers, leaving men in the dust :smirk::smirk: lol


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