I've lost progress on ALL of my stories!

Last week, I noticed that I had lost progress on ALL of my stories. I have MANY stories out there, and I don’t want to start over at chapter one. Plus, if I start a new story, it always takes me back to chapter one when I exit the app and relaunch. I have already opened a support ticket, but the steps she had me follow didn’t work. I updated the ticket, but have not heard back from anyone. In the meantime, I am paying for unlimited passes and not getting to play. Please help!

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Restart your device, uninstall the app?

Yes, I tried that, too.

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Did you contact episode about it? They might know something about it maybe?

I opened a support ticket. They had me log out of Game Center, power off my iPad, wait 10 seconds, turn on my iPad, log into Game Center and then launch the game. It didn’t work.

Oh I don’t know what else to say, hope one day you will get it back

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This is today’s reply from support. In other words, I’ve lost all of my progress. :frowning:

I apologize for the delay in response. Our ticketing system shows player support requests in chronological order so that we may answer them in the order in which they were received. By submitting multiple tickets before a response was received, your ticket was inadvertently pushed to the bottom of the queue. In the future, please refrain from ticketing back in before a response is received. I’m really sorry for the delay!

There is currently a known issue with very high level games experiencing difficulties connecting to our game servers and backing up progress. As you read stories, your account will save your choices, reading history, and passes and gems. As you continue to read stories, this data will increase with each new story read. When a player reads a very large volume of stories, their game save can become too large for the server to back-up quickly over a wireless or wifi connection, which can cause progress to be lost.

The team is looking into this issue, and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. At this time, the solution we recommend to improve your gameplay experience would be to start a new account which will have a smaller game save that can be more easily backed up to our game servers.

I was able to locate an unused account associated with your device. What we can do is have you sign in to this unused account. If you are able to load this unused account to your device, then you will not need to reset your device or have your old account wiped from the game server.

I have gone ahead and linked your unused account to your email address. Please try uninstalling the app, then reinstall the app and sign back in to your email (am_cody@yahoo.com). Your social profile and self-written stories will still be available, but your progress and favorites should begin like a new reading account.

Please confirm if this was successful and I will be happy to apply your credits to this account.

awn :frowning: I know how you feel not because I had the same problem but because I had an apple before and then went on android and they don’t let us go on the account that I was from the apple one so I had to restart everything