I've published my first story, how can i get reads?

I’ve published my story and i want to get reads, what can i do?

Please give me some advices or something to make my story popular.

Being popular doesn’t matter but…
Start promoting it on the forums and social media.
I’ll read it what’s it called?


Besides that?
Btw: It is matter to me, i don’t wanna spend my whole day on writing if story won’t be popular and if people won’t read it, let’s be real.

Maybe try participating in R4R’s?

That could work… i’ll try that too :slight_smile: !


The thing is you need to ENJOY it. Even if you never go far in the Episode community, you had fun and get to read your own story and it was an amazing experience :heart: Plus, the support you get, no matter how little, is everything :blob_hearts:


You got a point, especially when it comes to the amount of time it takes to code. lol