I've published my first story!

Hello guys ! So I’ve known Episode for quite some time now and I’ve read a lot of stories. I am happy to say that I have made my own story and I’ve just published the first 3 chapters. I’d be really greatfull if you’d give it a try and read it. Since I’ve just beginning, I need some advices and critics ! The name is “Miserable Girl”.

Thank you all for your time and I hope you’ll like it !


This is exciting! I’ll read it.

i saved and followed you on Episode. ill check it out! congrats!


Honestly this is great for your first story, the zooming, spot directing etc. What I like most about your story are your diverse characters. I’m so tired of seeing basic white girls with tiring personalities but that wasn’t the case for your story at all, the guys didn’t all have button noses and the girls didn’t only use the long, straight hairstyle lol. Your characters are well rounded, I love their personalities.

Your writing and grammar is good, the conversations are interesting and you include some humor in the story which I love. The usage of sound and music is also great, for me personally it enhances the reading experience and you added the sound effects at just the right time and had fitting music to every scene.

In the beginning where Alicia, Barbara and Ulyses talks, make sure that they’re facing the person they’re talking to. Alicia stands in the center in both the campus scene and the coffee shop scene, it would look much better if you made her face the person she’s talking to since she’s both talking to Barbara and Ulyses - does this make sense? :sweat_smile:

Um alright so the first chapter was rather short but I really like the plot, you created a great cliffhanger in the end. Overall great story, especially for being your first story, good luck with writing in the future!

x Puma :two_hearts:


I’m so glad, thank you for your support !

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thank you for your support !!

I’m so glad that you’ve read my story, it means so much for me !! :blush:

I’m happy that you think my grammar and everything is good because I am French and I don’t think of myself as a bilingual, I really love english and it was important to me to write the story in this language.

For the characters, I’m just reproducing what I usually see and what I’m familiar with, if you know what I mean.
I’m also tired of basics white girls in stories, like, in the real world, that’s not only that.

I’m going to change the scene with Alicia so that she looks at Barbara when she’s talking to her, now that you said it, I notice it.

I was thinking that I should do a short first chapter for not reavelling too much if you know what I mean. I’m working very hard on the plot and I really hope that people will like it but I also don’t wanna spoil.

Thank you very much for the support and for your constructive critic, it really really means a lot.

xo Hitaako.

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Hi guys, I am a French girl who wrote her first story on Episode. It would mean a lot to me if you could just stop by, read it and give me your opinions.

The story is called “Miserable Girl”.

Tell me what you think of it !

Thank you for your time.


No problem!

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