I've read the guidelines


Hello @Jeremy! You said I can ask you my question and I have some about the guidelines. I hope you will answer me because you are the forum admin.
First I want to say that your rules look nice and clear but I still have some questions.

  1. If I post a topic similar with an other episode community member’ topic because it thread was close and I wanted to know more, what’s going to happen? :thinking:
    2.If someone make a joke about me (or wait something bad) which I don’t agree and I report it but it still doesn’t stop, what’s going to happen with that person? :thinking:
  2. If I talk with someone and without my knowledge I say something that it doesn’t agree but at that moment I don’t realize and that person report me, what should I do? Is this thing very very bad? :sweat:
  3. What’s going on if I cannot figure out this thing with the categories? What’s going to happen to me? Is something more that I should know about them?
  4. If I post something what is my creation but somebody steal it, use it and then report me to use his idea, what should I do?

I hope you will answer soon at my questions. :hugs:


Did you mean to PM Jeremy???