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Hey. during the quarantine, i discovered i could make character cards and character edits. So I’m free to do edits for anyone.

Rules for Character cards

  1. Send a screenshot of your character and its customization to my instagram at “IviesNRoses”

  2. Dont forget to give me credits in any episode youre using the edit.

Rules for Character edits

  1. Send me two screenshots of your character (s) performing different poses and leave the rest to me.

  2. Again, don’t forget to give me credits in any episode you’re using the edit.

as time goes on, I will add edited backgrounds.

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Can I see your Examples?

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What do you mean?

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sorry i ment exsamples idk why it says credits

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Here’s an example of my custom backgrounds

I got a picture and edited it. I’ll post some edited characters too

I just did this, because i sent all my edits onto my laptop and I’m not with it right now so bear with me. This isnt actually my most nicest work yet but I have better ones.

Moved to Art Resources since this is an art shop. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :smiley:

Hi, i can do speed edits for free.

Message me your character details and I’d send you the edit when it’s done.

Can also do custom backgrounds and character cards. Dm me on Instagram @IviesNRoses.


you may want to add examples here since it’s easier if you post them here. you may also want to add your insta handle



I can’t find you on Instagram

Do you teach people tutorials


So I’m not really done with this but let me show you an example of my edits

Sure, dm me on Instagram or check out Kylie Jay’s editing tutorials on youtube

What’s your instagram?
And tell what you want here.

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It’s mrsjennifer_epi and I’d love anything that you’d like to do an Instagram edit for me and I need a particular background here’s my ink

And I need the background to be an outdoor wiccan/pagan alter like in a wooded Glenn if you have time there’s no rush

Sure, I’d start right away.

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Thanx love :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I truly appreciate you for doing this