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No problem, i think i would be able to send it later today, I’m still editing some parts.

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Okay I’m done. Here it is:

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What do you think?

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I love it

I’m in love

Great! Message me for requests anytime then!

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I sure will I’m gonna try to find you on Instagram

Doing edits. Character cards, Character edits, Edited covers etc


  1. No drawn cover or backgrounds, only edited.

  2. Message here for a request.

  3. Leave details down below.

  4. Leave instagram here for dm from me (optional)

  5. No thread hopping: I’m saying this in the nicest way possible, I’m not gonna waste my time doing your edits if you’re gonna be asking others too. It is disrespectful to me and the other person. It is either you stick with me or just go ask the other and remain there!

Here are some examples for you to look at:

Hope that helps

NB : Follow and dm me on Instagram @IviesNRoses
I’m also taking requests