Izzy's Chibi Art Request Thread!


So, I can take requests for chibis / edits. If you wish for me to make / edit one, please tell me. Request format will be somewhere on this post.

My edits

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And that’s just to name a few!

How to request an edit.
Send me the pic that you want edited and what you want done with it. I may ask for further details if I need to. E.g. Tell me the Hair Colour, Clothing colour, Shoe Colour, Etc.

How to request a chibi from scratch.
Tell me basic details, such as Hair Colour, Hair Length and style, Clothing Colour and type, etc.

Thank you for reading! Request whatever you want and I will try to make it happen!
Izzy xxx


Omg they’re so cute!! :heart_eyes:




Those are really cute!