J.B.'s Official Help Thread


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Can you post some examples of your art?


My speech bubble is always offscreen but the placement is correct and saved on the app.


So, you have to do the @speechbubble (NUMBERS) above the speech that you want it placed. When you go to the app and use the directing helper, it doesn’t save. You must type what appears at the bottom or the speech bubbles will place themselves somewhere. Another thing, for dialogue, you must do two tabs, CHARACTER (action), then enter, then the speech. Ex:

DREW (talk_sit_shrug)

And then I just quit.

For anything with @, & or #, you must have it at the very beginning of a line. Hope this helps :smile:


Here’s my old thread. I prefer anyone uses this one.


The holidays are a VERY busy time of year! People are home, and spend more time on Episode. That means that you, authors, your hungry readers will want more, fast!! And we don’t want pesky issues like overlay placement and unknown characters to ruin the fun! Come to me for art of all kinds! Sound splashes, covers . . . Anything you can think of! I make overlays, re-size images, and so much more! I am open and free, full of knowledge! Don’t be shy, there’s no biting code. :blush: