Jadlyss' Custom Character Animation Thread {OPEN}


Hi everyone, my name is Jadlyss! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’m almost positive we all have seen stories where characters make animations that are NOT existent in the catalog.
For instance, in some stories us readers witness characters eyes moving in any direction with the same expression left on their face.

Lucikly, I’m here to help anyone who wishes to have this effect added into their story.
Listed below will also be some information and examples!

My Examples


How to request

To request for a custom character animation, I’ll need the following information

1. Details of your character (Hair, Skin color, etc…)
2. The outfit of your character.
3. The background, spot and zoom of your character.
4. What animation you wish for your character to have (Eyes moving with a smirk, Eyes moving up and down, Bold eyes with a sad face…etc)

Waiting List




I specialize in INK–althought I am opened to giving LL a try!

Credit me using my instagram – @epy.jadlyss

Character expressions
How to make the characters only change expressions?




I will be sure to provide details soon :heart:


Ok, great! :slight_smile:


Wow, those examples are pretty cool!


Thank you so much, would you like an edit? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks for the offer, I’ve just recently started writing a story. I don’t need one now, but if I do end up needing one, I’ll let you know :heart:


How do you even make these things?? Any tutorials?


It’s honestly just some cropping, pasting and some eye drawing!


Boosting cause this is so cool of you!


Thank you!!




I’ll be requesting soon


Sounds good :innocent:


Wow that’s really cool
How did you do that ?


I use clip paint studio, It’s basically copying and pasting some animations, and making minor art tweaks to them!


I wish you did Limelight, really needed it for my story.


I could try honestly, just list me the type of animation you’d like.


Hi can I request


Yes, of course!