Jadlyss' Custom Character Animation Thread {OPEN}



@zoom on 199 394 to 203% in 0
&ATHENA stands screen center and ATHENA is idle_sit_legs_up
&ATHENA spot 1.208 141 70


eyes moving back and forth (horizontal)

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Request accepted, Estimated time of completion is 45 minutes tops :heart:

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Is this good for you?

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Yes, looks amazing :grin:


Ok! These are the backgrounds and coding :heart:


This is angie1

This is angie2


@pause for .5
@pause for .5
@pause for .5
@pause for .5
@pause for .5

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Thanks! I’ll give you creds:grin:


I have an LL story and i was hoping you could do an animated thing in LL

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I’d be open to trying! :smiley:

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Thank you so much !
So how would we use it on the episode app


Basically, I use a computer editing software to create the animations
I’ll make them into backgrounds that you could import into your story
All I’ll need is this following information

1 . Details of your character (Hair, Skin color, etc…)
2. The outfit of your character.
3 . The background, spot and zoom of your character.
4. What animation you wish for your character to have (Eyes moving with a smirk, Eyes moving up and down, Bold eyes with a sad face…etc)

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Do I pm you for script templates ?


Sure! Whatever you’d like :blush:
But for the custom animation, you could put it here ;D

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Ok I’m a sending now

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Hey, are you still open?

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yes I am love !


1 .


Body: Chestnut
Brow: smooth arch
hair: cayenne, layered hair
eye: slender classic auburn
face: round
nose: celestial
lips: classic chestnut

2. image
3 . INT. - BEDROOM NIGHT with normal zoom (she’ll be sitting on the bed in the middle center)
4. please ignore outfit

I’d like her in this pic to have a sad face, like idle_sad. ignore the hand i’ve circled. if you could, make her hang her head in disgust with herself, still with a sad face. it’s fine if u cant.

I’d like her to have an angry face. (mouth closed)

Now she’s still angry. but shes even more angry. I’d like her hands to be balled up in anger ;a fist

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Okay! I’ll get these done within a couple of days because I’m not at my home atm :heart:

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not to be pushy but have u completed?

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Hey, wondering if your still open for requests. I’m wanting to request soon for an INK story. Also, have you ever thought of making a tutorial so that we don’t always have to ask you, I feel so bad for you for always having to do so many and who knows even more. I appreciate what you do but I’d also like to know how you do it to if you don’t mind. Also, I could request for my limelight story but I don’t know what it would look like to use these things on limelight, I’ve always seen them on INK. could you show me an example? Thank you for taking your time to read :revolving_hearts:

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