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If anyone needs help with coming up with a solid description for their story…follow the requirements below :smiley: !


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Personally recommend Jadlyss. She helped me with my story descriptions a lot :slight_smile:


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A bus of teens get stranded in the woods after bus crashes on the way to camping trip.

  1. Kids start disappearing at your school and it is up to you to stop it
  2. None
  3. Acklebridge College

What seemed like a peaceful camping trip for a group of teenagers, winded up being a calamity in the middle of nowhere…

calamity - an event causing great and often sudden damage or distress; a disaster.

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While attending Acklebridge College, everything is not what it seems when students are vanishing left and right…It’s now your responsibility to get to the bottom of this mystery…


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After a fatal train wreck, resulting in the death of Harley’s parents; she’s sent away to Atlanta, Georgia.
Lost in her paths, she stumbles upon new friends…As well as supernatural powers…


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  1. A detective is working on cold case dated back in 2008. Murder mystery

  2. Detective Zamari Leak and victim Mayor Eric Johnson.

  3. Charlotte N.C

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  1. 8 teenagers get invited to a sleepover by someone that they’ve never met. They decide to go, and then someone’s little sister gets kidnapped. They have 8 hours to find her and escape, or they will suffer severe consequences.
  2. I let the reader use whatever name they want to.
  3. Present day, strangers house, night time.
  1. MC goes on her first weekend trip alone and it is to a hot air balloon festival. she will be traveling with a group to get there. But her parents make her take her 6 year old sister with her. There is also a secret she is hiding…

  2. mc name: marie
    sister’s name: maddy

This is so great that you are doing this! I can’t wait to see how you spin this. Everytime I try it ends up being to many words… lol

1: MC moves to Philadelphia on her 21st birthday and discovers that she and a twin brother that she never knew about are angels destined to protect the world from evil and they also have powers.

2: Not necessary.

3: Philadelphia

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