Jadlyss's Writing Group {DISCONTINUED}


Hey everyone!
Thank you for clicking onto my thread!
Recently, after practically living on the forums for about a week.
I’ve come to the conclusion that I would LOVE to create a writing group!

I’ve decided to create a writing group because, I love to make friends.
I love to see the hidden talent that someone can offer.
Plus, it’s so incredibly fun to go through the whole story creation process!

Listed below, will be information about the writing group, and how you can join!


As for any writing group, it is essential that we have specific people, undergoing specific duties, such as…
Writer(LIMIT OF 2) {TAKEN} - This person(s) will be in charge of creating a plot, a stable story line, and anything and everything that will contribute to the literary aspects of a story!
Visual Director - This person will be in charge of critiquing the visual aspects of a story, they will make sure that all our art and visual content is appropriate and suitable for the story, as well as creating outfits.
Literary Director (TAKEN) - This person will be in charge of grammatical/ literary errors, they will make sure there is no grammatical mistakes in a story, as well as making sure that our story is fluent, and makes complete sense to the readers.
Artist/Illustrator (TAKEN) - This person will be in charged of creating visual content for our story, they will make sure they are providing backgrounds,splashes, and overlays for the story.
Coder (TAKEN)) - This person will be in charged of coding a story.
Publicist - This person will be in charged of publicizing our members social media accounts, as well as promoting upcoming stories, and chapter updates!
Reviewer (TAKEN)- This person will be in charged of reviewing the content our group has created, they will make sure that everything is ready to go before publishing, they will fill out a rubric provided by Jadlyss, as well as critiquing the story in any way possible, for an overall better ending result!


Below will be the link to the application for this writing group, be sure to reply on this thread with I have responded!


How will I know if my application has been reviewed?

It is recommended that once you have submitted an application, you are patient with your pending application.

You will only get PM’d if you have been accepted

Once again, thank you so much for clicking onto my thread!


Hey! Can I join the group?


Just fill out an application love! :sparkling_heart:


I have responded.