Januva's story description and title generator!

Hi there. I notice there’s a lot of people that ask for help on story titles and descriptions, so here I am! Just tell me the basis or rough idea of your story, and I’ll come up with something.


can you help. i have gotten told my story description is pretty bad

She never knew her dad, but after her mom end’s in a coma, she decides to contact him. He was a criminal and she was undercover. They fell in love. Two stories in one.

After her mom ends up in a coma, she finally contacts her dad with zero knowledge of him. Little did she know, he was a criminal, she was undercover, and they both loved each other.

who is she ur talking about. the MC? what;s teh genre of the story?

its a mystery . it was the mom who undercover . the story jumps forth and back between now and when here parents meet. so it is two stories

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I have a small description for my story. Do you think you could help me come up with a title? :thinking:


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Description: The small, quiet town of ______ is about to get a wake-up call. The lives of a insecure toy shop owner, a heartbroken detective and a dangerous vixen are converging in the most deadliest way.

I had to shorten it more for it to fit lol. Do any story names/titles come to mind? I have a few but I’m not sure if I actually like them. :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow::sweat_smile::blush:

is there anything unique about the town? is ur story fantasy? whats the names u have? is there something specific/special in the town?

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Not really. It’s just a small suburban kind of town. When 1 of the main characters enter the town, crime and everything begins to kind of skyrocket which has never happened before. It’s more mystery/thriller than anything. 2 main characters arrive in the town for different reasons, but they’re connected to each other (that’s what you find out more in the story). The MC is the one whose always lived there and has their life kind of turned upside down by the other 2 characters. I’m sorry if I’m not explaining it right. :sweat_smile:

The names I had were: Web of Deceit, Foreboding, Converge, and Hidden Agenda. But, idk.

I have one that I’m trying to think of a title and short description or, but it’s a while off from publishing, and I prefer to make plots public after I at least have the full outline. Can I DM it to you, or is it in-thread only?

Okay I have no idea why you don;t like those because theyre great! i like web of deceit.
Town names


it could also be a play on on the char’s name so like marquti - maria if u get it what i mean

u choose :slight_smile:

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Title and description please! :blush:

Spy type of comedy. A bit like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, if you’ve seen it.

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Is there a goal to this story? How are these character’s like? I’d like a bit more information if you don’t mind.

Something to start off with:

Code Red
The Crimes of ____
The Spy in Disguise
In Plain Sight
Spy in Plain Sight

For description, more info

Thank you so much!

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