Jaremy finally got ticked off by players, today

I knew it would happen one day.

It was posted on DISCUSSION: Diversity Abuse : P

Well, he stood up for himself! :smiley:


Not ticked, angry or anything like that. Just explained in detail how moderating works because there seems to be an awful lot of misconceptions and false info being shared. It’s also all info I have previously let the community in on in other threads, so nothing new :drooling_face:. Thanks though :slight_smile:


I mean…he’s not wrong.

The mods are employees of Episode. They aren’t doing this for fun like us. :skull:

Even still, I’m a moderator of a Facebook subgroup for a podcast I like, and I don’t have that much to go through everything.


Lol, you butchered this mans spelling of his name :skull:

People tend to forget about this. They are not about to sit around all day to watch a thread just to determine whether a person is a troll or not lol.
Glad to see that thread closed though.

oooo you do it all :smirk:


Yeah, I figured it would be locked once that person bumped the thread just before that 30-day deadline.
I mean…I didn’t even remember this thread until someone PMed me about it. :joy:
But I’m glad it’s closed too.

I do, don’t I? :relieved:

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It ultimately boils down to we are not going to close a thread without proof of wrong doing. Especially a thread that looks almost identical to many other threads that were already created and were legit. Yes, there were hint’s that the user was a troll, but without definitive proof it would have been wrong to instantly close the thread. Because then we would have to do that for every thread that we only think are created by troll accounts…and can you imagine how many threads would be wrongfully closed if we were to do that every time?

Thanks for everyone’s understanding. Really appreciate it and if you would like to discuss this with me further my PM inbox is always open :nerd_face:


It’s awesome to see someone else in charge of FB groups. In my free time (not much) I’m an admin/manage about 10 groups totaling about 100k people :fist_right: :fist_left: Fist bumps all around! :rofl:


Goddamn wow :joy: I was head mod of a discord server a while back (had to leave because of irl issues) and they only had 1000 people :joy::joy:


That’s pretty awesome and keep up the good work! It takes a lot to manage real time users :tired_face: Got a plethora of Discord channels I manage and am part of too. Along with mIRC servers/channels and many other platforms :computer_rage:


I’ve tried telling everyone too what you had said about only being able to see PM’s when mentioned and added but they shut me down and don’t believe me. :woman_shrugging:


People are too stuck up in their beliefs.

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Now that the topic has been addressed and explained I feel this is as good of time as ever to mark and solved and closed. Thanks all! :peace_symbol: