Jasmijn's Art Contest (results are in!)


Hi there! I really loved @Shani_Theo’s art contest and that I why I decided to organize my own one!

What are the rules?

  • You can enter whatever art you want but it should be episode-related and your original work (you can use episode characters!)
  • No need to make new art! BUT you can’t enter what you entered in @Shani_Theo’s contest!

How is the judging gonna be?

  • I am looking for 2 more judges, so there will be 3!
  • We will judge your overall entries, we give marks for every individual entry but in order to decide the winners we get the average mark of all your entries, so entering more might deduct your mark, but also could improve your art!
  • We will tell the top 5! You can always ask for your marks afterward!

How can you participate?

  • Either drop your entry’s here, PM them or send them to me on instagram (@jasmijnepisode)! If you are in an art group please tell!
  • You can enter a maximum of 5 things!
  • You will have the time until 15 June 11:59 PM EUROPE TIME! So 8 days!

Some random useful advise:

  • MOST important be ORIGINAL!
  • Don’t enter 2 simial things, that will deduct your changes!
  • Have fun :joy:



Art contest! **anyone can enter!:heart:**

1 month is long…


I will love to be a judge!! :heart:


I might change that later! I also want everyone to have time enter!


Do we have to categorize the arts or something when submitting the entry?


Alright! I will add you!


Yay! Thank you! :blush:


Nope! No need to! There will be 1 overall ranking!


I would love to be the judge too but IDK how…


You would have to choose between entering art and judging! I am sorry!


I’ll save the other 2 for future entries :innocent:


Well I’m definitely entering!


Can I change the entries? (if I have better ones?)




Can’t wait to see the art! :smile: Good luck to everyone who joins!


Entry: (as you know I’m part of Episode Studio :slightly_smiling_face:)


I know it has nothing to do with this but does anyone know what to do when the create icon won’t show up that you need to make a story? No one commented on my thing so I decided to ask on here. I’m new that’s all :pensive:


You could always submit a ticket! Push here!


Thanks for entering! Your art is accepted!


R mine accepted?