💙 Jasmine's art shop 💙 (CLOSED TEMPORARILY)


Welcome to my personal art shop forum-ers…
Feel free to request anything you want but pls read the rules first :pleading_face: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

:butterfly:No thread hopping
Don’t request the same thing in more than one art shop,these take hard work and time so pls don’t, it’s disrespectful to the artist.
:butterfly:Credit me pls
I really love making art but it takes hard work and time so i would like to be credited for my art
:butterfly:No spamming
Don’t spam my shop pls or request the same thing over and over again
:butterfly:Don’t rush me
I have a life too and sometimes i might take more time but you may ask for updates on it and i will gladly answer you
:butterfly:Don’t steal from me
Don’t steal my examples or artwork
:butterfly:ALWAYS be polite
Request politely and use your manners pls
:butterfly:Fill out the form correctly
Fill out the forms to give me a clearer perspective of what you want.
Make sure you include the password Ummm…:sparkling_heart: and blur it

  • Here is some of my work

ex12 ex11 ex10

Drawn art(Pfps,art scenes...)



S-removebg-preview underwood_family_photo-removebg-preview

  • I can also make human overlays like in my edits
Character cards

Mood boards


All of the above

Word overlays


Working on ;

Waiting list ;

You don’t have to add all the things in the form, it’s about what you are requesting for

You can credit me by my forums name @Jasmine.O


hiii can you do limelight??

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i want an LL cover can you do it?? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, simply fill out the form and tell me the title and other things :blue_heart: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Loved your examples :heart::heart:
Dont wanna request just wanna wish you all the luck for the shop :blob_hearts:
And BUMP !!

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Awwww,Tysm! :pleading_face:


Hello! I am interested but where can I find the form??

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It’s not like a legit form, just tell me what you want with all the details.

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I would like a word overlay.
Password Ummm…:sparkling_heart:

I want it to say : This story uses sound. So, turn up your volume.
Color : deep purple

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Which font would you like pls?

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I would like “Langar” this one

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Sorry I couldn’t find Langar anywhere sooo

Ty. It’s cool

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Password Ummm…:sparkling_heart:
Hi, i want a art scene.
Style: LL
Half body
I want they to hug each other and the boy is little sad and the girl too, like the example picture




This may take time though

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That’s all right :blush:

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Heyy I’d like to request an art scene…


Style: Limelight - half body
Character Details:

Pose: (from left to right: Ephemei, Xarina


I’d like the bg blurred out with mist covering the characters.
I don’t have a deadline but I’d like it before the end of January if possible, otherwise no rush :two_hearts:

Password: Ummm…:sparkling_heart:

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This may take time though because when i make art scenes, i make them perfect for the requester and i have another one to do but i will get it done. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :blue_heart:

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Heyy I need an art scene for my story…So here are the details
Password - Ummm…:sparkling_heart:

Characters and reference

Style - Limelight…

You can fade the background and the outfit will be same…
You can take your time… :hugs:

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