Jasmine's Little Art Shop

Hey everyone and welcome to my art thread!

I strongly advise reading the RULES before continuing!

  1. Please do NOT be disrespectful to any of the amazing artists who joined my art shop! Any show of rudeness will automatically remove you from the waiting list, and you won’t be able to request anything for one week!
  2. Have patience! Making quality artworks can take a lot of time, so please do not rush us!
  3. Credit all of us!
  4. Don’t, and I mean Don’t steal any of our work!
  5. Don’t request something here and then request the same thing somewhere else. Just don’t.
  6. If you don’t like the end result, please say it as kindly as possible.

Here’s some information about the Covers and Art Scenes.

Cover/s and Art Scene/s Information

Simply fill out the form below, or if it doesn’t work for any reason please fill this out.

Forum Name:
Story Name:
Author Name:
Main Genre of your story:
Short description of your story:
Characters for the covers doing the pose you want them to do:
Any other necessary information.:


Done by @PropertyofNae

Done by @Episodegamer1

Done by @superwriter7

Done by @_Nasia

Done by @SASB

Done by @appleqrl

Done by @CalyPhina

Done by @keiji

Done by @Tylo

Done by @xetic

Done by @eilyk
Done by @CherryWood

Done by @epi.pebber

Done by @Cookies1

@PropertyofNae and @Episodegamer1 do not do LIMELIGHT! so please do not request limelight from them!

Just click below to fill out the form!

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If you want to join my little art shop, please go here:

So feel free to request! :kissing_heart

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Bump :slight_smile:


Could I have a splash and art scene please?


Was my request accepted?

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@KarinaChongxx I’ll start on your request tomorrow :revolving_hearts:


Thank you !


In my request for a cover instead of the full flat pouty lips can you do full round pouty instead please . thankyou! @keiji

Do you think you will be able to do a cover for me as well its okay if you don’t want to i dont want to make you stressed or anything

Anyone is welcome to request a cover or an art scene. If you’ve filled out the form then of course we’ll help you!

If you have filled out the form than sure! But I don’t necessarily do splashes here. I might consider it though, if a lot of people ask for it :grinning:

Yes, everyone’s request will be accepted! (Unless it’s something impossible or stupid)

im confused with the form it wont let me put more than one picture so your not doing the splash for me anymore or are you waiting for loads of people to ask im confused

I will do the splash once you fill out the form. It should be fixed now though.

I think what she means is that once you fill out the form then she will start making your splash. But you have to be patient.

Okay, I’ll fill out the form!

What was the date you needed it by again? :two_hearts: I also requested to access the photo you sent on the form.

3 days , is that okay ??

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@episode.jasmine1, I submitted to @Tylo

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Yes :two_hearts: What outfit is she earring?

I’ll start on it :cowboy_hat_face: