Jassie's art thread


Hi there!
I used to make art before on the forums, and I decided to start with it again!
I have a few examples on my insta, but most are outline contests

But mostly I have examples in here but they are old, I improved a lot in the meantime!

Since I am working on a phone in ibis I need you to send a clear image of the character in the right pose AND with the right clothes or tell me whatever clothes you want me to draw…
I also need to know what you want, cover, splash, pfp, art scene, overlays and background edit are the things I can do!
Oh, and if you have more than 1 character, tell where they need to be and what side they face!

Usually if I am online I am done within 30 minutes!








I be requesting later




Can I request something?




Can I request a realistic character edit?

Can you draw this character in a realistic style? I know these are ink details, but try your best if you can :kissing_heart:

Hair: beach wave, strawberry blonde
Face shape: oval
Skin: Fair
Eyes: bold, taupe
Lips: Classic, blush
Eyebrows: seductive arch



Could you please send me an image of the character? I am working on my phone, so I can’t make characters…


Sure brb


Can u draw a cute lil bunny girl?


Can I Have More Then One Request?


Can you just draw her up to just underneath her shoulders (don’t include the outfit, please)

And can you give the hair an ombré blonde colour at the bottom?

Oh wait, can you also draw on cat ears and whiskers?

Thank you :kissing_heart:


I need a little more details on that, but I could definitely!
Could you send me an image on how the girl should look? Preferably an episode character?


Sure, your other requests is easy so it’s okay!


Give me 30 and I am done!


Lmao Okay Can You Draw


This lovely lady in whatever style you want.


Omg I so want to try drawing that in my style lol


30 minutes? Wow you’re quick :joy::kissing_heart: