Jassie's art tutorials and help thread


So, in this topic I will post tutorials on how to make certain things, like hair, eyes, lips and clothes.
But I will also answer your questions!
The first tutorial will be up soon, it’s the basic with: ‘How to make a proper outline?’

No need to ask if you can join, just keep your eye on this thread and you will see everything coming on here!
If you want to show respect or support or whatever, just like this thread or you could follow my Instagram (@jasmijnepisode)


what app do you use?


Ibis paint as of now, thanks for asking, since that’s kinda an important thing!
But I might do it with multiple apps…


cool. ill be on the look out for the tutorials.


This is a nice idea! Can everyone contribute? For example, if someone is asking for help, can other people besides you help?


Yeah, I am fine with if other people help with the questions! But idk if there will be questions


yep, there will be questions soon.


like, let me see…hm…

do your edits look different from other people edits?


p.S. Yeah, I know people edits are very different :wink:


Oh I think I must’ve misinterpreted this thread. I thought it was for asking for art tips and advice! Sorry lol


That is half of this thread, like besides the tutorials I will post, but I just don’t really know if people will actually come here with questions…


Ah ok. Do u have examples of your work?


whether they see art tutorials, etc. people will ask questions. maybe, maybe not. may never know.


Lol, yeah, they do, I think most people have an own style :thinking:
Even though I should say my style is slightly based on styles from other people…




I do, they are basically in this thread: