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thank you




Thank you


hey can you turn this phone into a overlay

thank you


Hey Jayda,

Can you please create a white smoke overlay ?, for the back ground I have attached below attached below.The screen will show the characters smoking weed. So I hope that little detail helps. Thank you.


They is a overlay already made or this cause!
Use &overlay EFFECT SMOKE create in your script! And also don’t forget to make the opacity 1 or 0.5 :wink: Depending on the look you are going for.


Hey, can I have two overlays please?
I would the first one to be a phone that looks like it’s on a table with just a blank screen like this https://d2v9y0dukr6mq2.cloudfront.net/video/thumbnail/IKgSRjC/smart-phone-on-table-ringing_evf3wg_nx__F0000.png and then the second one the same exact phone but with the iphone calling screen, something like this one: http://wmstatic.global.ssl.fastly.net/ml/020518-f-bb260126-1aa6-4f4d-9015-3e612214076c.png but with the same T’stackz (EL). If you can’t it’s calm.


I had a huge trouble with the screen so you may not want to use it but I’ll send it anyways just in case


It’s okay thank you!


Hi! Is there anyway you can make me a phone overlay with the texting bubbles?


There is already a phone overlay in the portal if your looking for it with messages, it’s called “SELFIE MALE or FEMALE” and has a variety of skin tones:) as for the bubbles… Do you mean text message bubbles or Episode bubbles, also what you you like them too say?