Jayden's Overlay, Background AND Banner Shop!

If you want any overlays, you don’t have to fill ANYTHING out!
Just say what you would like, and if you want any limbs, then send me your character and/or character details! Anything else, just ask away!

Some of my examples:






I’m pretty sure this hair png belongs to @Saphy.ep please give her credit when posting her things on the forums or anywhere

No, I got it from online, I emailed the people and asked if they could make it and they did, then they put it on there website…

Who did you ask tho? Not tryna be rude just making sure but if they’re fine with it then it’s cool :relieved:

I’m not sure who they’re called, but they were a website that makes hair for like women to preview, they have a WHOLE episode page and I was happy when they put my hair on there web. And I wasn’t being rude either, I know u weren’t also! :slight_smile:

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Oh ok it’s fine hope I didn’t offend ya in anyway :slight_smile:

Nope! No offence!

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Are you still open?
I have a few requests, if thats ok!

yeah sure! What are they?


  1. Layer like the arrows but with yellow/orange colors and a lot of tech and a tv in the background too! (A few different angles if possible)


  1. 3 phoenix poses but id like them to be either very similar or the same phoenix
  2. Fire ball
  3. A teardrop shiny/glittery (kind of as if the person was crying magical tears!)
  4. A tiny glass bottle with the same color as the teardrop is!

I really hope this isnt too much! If it is tell me!

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Hi can I request a mall background?

Yes you can!

Okay! I am sorry if this sounds rude but can you please tell me all the details one by one please because I find it hard to keep up :joy: :joy:

Can be boutique shop?


I am honestly sorry! But I have closed this thread and am helping out the last two people! I am truly sorry and hope you have a great day!

ok no problem!

What kind? What would you like it to look like?

Similar to this (a bunch od dolls)

Background (with same description that have above)
Kind of like this

Overlays (just like decribed above)

  1. Very similar to these






Hope this helps! Just use my description above to make the backgrounds and overlays!
Thanks so so so much! Have fun with it! No stress😜