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I saw the list @Jayla12 sent you and I THINK I’m up next
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Yeah, you’re next.



Hey, I’d like to make a request for splashes. I’d like 15 if that would be possible. The pose I’d like is arms_crossed (female)

The features are:
Skin: Olive
Brow: Defined natural
Hair: Straight (fawn)
Eyes: Round classic
Face: Soft heart
Nose: Elven
Lips: Classic (orange crush)
The background doesn’t matter to me.

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Yay! Can’t wait



I so appreciate everything you ladies do!! @Jayla12 @AbbeyX_295 I’m so excited for my covers, it’s so going to be worth the wait!! :heart::heart:



@Sarahsunshine could you plz repost your requests?



Hey, @AbbeyX_295 and @Jayla12 Can I make another request?




I was hoping you would do an edit for me :smiley

Skin tone: Copper 02

Hair: Straight Medium

Hair color: Warm White

Eyes: Round Downturned Wide

Eye color: Ice Blue

Eye Brow : Arched Thick Styled ( Chestnut Brown)

Nose: Defined Natural

Face shape: Round Soft

Mouth: Full Heart Pouty

Mouth color: NeutralMediumNudeMatte

Pose: think_rubchin

Outfit : Choker Floor Length V Neck Dress Green Mint

Text : Kingdom Of Sankori

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

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Here’s my exact request that I sent, just in case you didn’t have it

i really hope you will be able to do this but if not ill understand since i am asking for a lot of things and i don’t know if you’ll be able to do it

character 1 - female (Anna)

skin color - fair

brow - seductive arch

hair - fishtail braid

hair color - black

eyes - round bold

eye color - white

face shape - soft heart

nose - soft natural

lips - blossom lips

lip color - blush

size of pic - 420 x 580

size of pic 2 - 966 x 580

pose - sad, teary eyes, bruised face ( i hope it isn’t too difficult )

Character 2 - male (Axel)

skin tone - beige

brow - thin arch

hair - short cropped hair

hair color -platinum blonde

eyes - classic round

eye color - blue

face shape - square jaw

nose - button

lips - classic

lip color - taupe

pose - mad, holding gun to screen with one hand, holding Anna with the other

Notes - i understand if this is too hard to do, but i would really appreciate if you can make make a small and large cover, this is a gang story (common, i know) called “deepest desire” so it would be great if you can write that at the top, the background can be an alleyway of whatever seems fit to you, feel free to improvise on and troubling parts

Background info on the story just in case it helps

basically Anna has a tough past, she was “missing” for 3 years, she arrives at Los Angeles, blah blah blah, Axel saves her life one day, thinks nothing of it, meets her again and finds out a bit about her past yada yada yada and helps her and soon falls in love

yes, you’ve probably seen a lot of stories like this but this is my own story

anyways, i really hope you can do these covers

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Can I please get a small and large cover and a splash
(No Rush, I know y’all busy :heart:)

Title: The Intentional Pregnancy

(Small Cover)
My 2 characters in each others arms but can you make the guy have his arm around her chest, have her and him smiling, background can be whatever you choose
The hair color is Platinum blonde and style is Straight

(Large Cover)
Can you have them both holding hands in the water while looking at the sunset

Says thanks for reading and my character is blowing a kiss
I changed my eye shape to upturned bold



@Sarahsunshine is she pregnant for the cover?



The large cover she is and the small is is NOT



Here you go @Marshia

Don’t forget to credit us @jabbey.edits



@AbbeyX_295 and @Jayla12

I was wondering if I could get a large and small cover for my story “The Killers Daughter”?

This story is in INK

Small Cover : I would like the 2 main characters pointing guns at each other while the females daughter is standing behind her scared and crying. I’d like the female to be holding her daughter with one hand and holding the gun in the other. If you could, please make them both look very angry.

Large Cover : I’d like the dad to be standing in the middle of the two main characters with both his hands pushing them away. i’d like the two main characters trying to fight each other while the dad is holding them back.

Character 1 (AURORA) adult
Skin tone: Olive

Hair: Beach Wave Hair

Hair color: Black

Eyes: Upturned Bold

Eye color: Purple

Eye brows: Seductive Arch

Nose: Soft Natural

Face shape: Soft Heart

Mouth: Full Round

Mouth color: Sable

Can she get full arm tattoos of any kind? On both arms on both covers? And also one on her collarbone that says Luna?

Outfit: Red and black. Red Studded Bustier, Black Herringbone Tights, Black Shorts Onesie Bottom, Diamond Chocker Necklace, Hip Rocker Bracelet, Black Military Chic Boots. I know you said that you pick the outfits, this is just a request for this character.
Character 2 (LIAM) adult

Skin tone: Light

Hair: Spiked Up Hair

Hair color: Fawn

Eyes: Classic Round

Eye color: Blue

Eye brows: Thick Arch

Nose: Button

Face shape: Defined Triangle

Mouth: Uneven

Mouth color: Blush

Outfit: ripped jeans if you can, and an earpiece. He runs a gang so “bad boy” look maybe?

Character 3 (LUNA) daughter

Skin tone: Light

Hair: Fishtail Braid

Hair color: Black

Eyes: Upturned Bold

Eye color: Purple

Eye brows: Defined Natural

Nose: Soft Natural

Face shape: Soft Heart

Mouth: Full Round

Mouth color: Blush

Since Luna is 3 can she be up to their mid thigh?

Outfit : Something pink, Preferably a dress

Character 4 (DAD) adult

Skin tone: Olive

Hair: Modern Pompadour

Hair color: Black

Eyes: Mature Hooded

Eye color: Blue

Eye brows: Thin Arch

Nose: Roman

Face shape: Chiseled Square

Mouth: Mature Medium

Mouth Color: Taupe

Outfit : just something father like but he is also a killer so make it however you think suits him.

Background: What you think suits the edit.

Text(optional): I’d like them both to say The Killers Daughter, anywhere on the edit but big enough to see that it is the title. And “By: Myranda Writes” in the bottom right hand corner.

(take your time on these edits please, i;m in no rush. I know you guys are very busy ! :heart:)



Characters: Only one character

Skin tone: Olive

Hair: Boy bun

Hair color:Fawn

Eyes:Gentle Almond

Eye color:Blue

Eye brows: Medium Sharp

Nose: Button

Face shape: Diamond

Mouth: Uneven

Mouth color:Terracato

Pose: talk_sheepish


Size of image:640 x 1136

Text (optional):This story uses sound!!



Um hi lol soooo I did request this somewhere else but then realized an hour later it was closed so I deleted it will you maybe do it for me? I like to think I’m not picky I don’t have an art due date necessarily I would give you 1 or 2 months if you decide to take my request :slight_smile: All I ask is that you take your time, try not to leave any white lines around the characters and not to go to crazy on the hair highlighting but of course it is alright if you do I just really want to get the covers for my story out of the way XD (also the 4th and 5th example from the bottom of all your examples are beautiful and of course all of them are to)

Characters: I have 2 characters I would like in the cover one is named (female) Mars and the other (male) Asher and they are ink characters


Skin tone: olive

Hair Long Curly Hair, High Ponytail, Long Feathered idc which

Hair color: Auburn

Eyes: Upturned Luxe

Eye color: Green

Eye brows: Mature Round

Nose: Elven

Face shape: Oval

Mouth: Full Round

Mouth color: Terracotta


Skin tone: Tan

Hair: Unstyled Faux Hawk

Hair color: Blue Light

Eyes: Gentle Almond

Eye color: Blue

Eye brows: Thin Arch

Nose: Roman

Face shape: Defined Triangle

Mouth: Smirk

Mouth color: Terracotta

Clothes: Running clothes for both, no pink please :slight_smile:

Pose: so this is the tricky part XD I have a certain idea for the pose… If it isn’t possible I really don’t mind. As long as it has something like a cuddle, hugging vibe thingy I’m good :slight_smile: kissing not so much… just because of the character’s personalities If the male character is kissing the female on the top of the head lol that is okay :slight_smile: My characters have a head difference in height the girl is tiny the boy is tall so um if you could maybe possibly show that it would be obliged :slight_smile:

Background: I’m fairly flexible my story is about running so something like a track or a trail lol idk

Size of image: 420x580

Text (optional): I would LOVE it if you would put the title on it something like… Love%20at%20first%20run
just a little bit of emphases on the word Run would be nice idc really about the color of the text preferably black or white but whatever looks the best with the background :slight_smile:

If you even decide to take my request lol



holy shit this is so good, it’s better than I expected, never gonna stop fangirling. AHHHHSSHHA I’ll definitely credit

P. S
You don’t HAVE to do this but if you have time can you change the title to “Cold Fire” instead?

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Ok @Marshia



Done with your request @xox_heatherann! :kissing_heart:

Don’t forget to credit us @jabbey.edits



YOU ARE AMAZING! Thank you so frickin much :black_heart::black_heart: I’ll credit a million times :slight_smile:

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