Jayla & Abbey Edits! 😎 -OPEN- *INK & LIMELIGHT*



Hi, welcome to “Jayla & Abbey Edits” you may know our shops in the forum and know us as @AbbeyX_295 & @Jayla12 but we now have our own thread together!

credit to episode_amanda’s ea

We do INK & Limelight.






Fill out this form for whatever it is you want!


Skin tone:


Hair color:


Eye color:

Eye brows:


Face shape:


Mouth color:



Size of image:

Text (optional):



  1. If you’re not going to use our edits DONT waste our time requesting
  2. No requesting from other threads or your request will be rejected
  3. You MUST credit us @jabbey_edits and @abbeyxwrites
  4. We choose the outfits, you may add short description to help us.
  5. We only will do request on the thread no pm-ing if pm we willing not respond!

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Nice arts!




We r the future




can we request limelight style ?


Can you please make me an edit/splash for my story
Can i have this story strong language and mature content
The background just be black and her pose would be the her holding a cupcake

Thank you!


I don’t think so, but I’ll have to check with Jayla


Yeah sure I’ll get on that. But it won’t be done until later, I have school


Could you do the “This story uses sound” with her on the throne?


Yes. But it won’t be done until later because I have school

Sharing a shop?

okay, thank you


I’d like an edit please :blush:

Characters: Female

Skin tone: Light

Hair: Diva Curls

Hair color: Black

Eyes: Upturned Bold

Eye color: Black

Eye brows: Defined Natural

Nose: Soft Natural

Face shape: Soft Heart

Mouth: Classic

Mouth color: Toffee

Outfit: An outfit that suits the lip color :slight_smile:

Pose: talk_exclaim_yes

Background: Anything you desire

Size of image: Don’t know about, size… Above waist of the character would be fine I guess :blush:


No problem, I’m in no rush


Request Accepted! :grin:


Hey @Jayla12 did you still take request? :grin:


Yeah I still take request. This is mine and Abbey’s shop.


Great! But first of all, do you also make an edit for Limelight too?

I’m just curious about it :wink:

Thank you :heartbeat:


No, sorry it’s complicated for me to edit limelight.



I love your edits! They’re so pretty and I would like one, please!

Can I pm you the details? (if you’re taking any request of course :heart: )