Jayla & Abbey Edits! 😎 -OPEN- *INK & LIMELIGHT*



I never said I hated it. I just want the outfits changed.


@AlexWasHere I’m sorry but, what part of we’re closed do you not understand?


I wasnt trying to be rude or anything @AbbeyX_295


hey um. do you know how long your gonna be closed since its temporary?


@AlexWasHere Well, I find it extremely rude that you’re complaining on our closed thread, even after I gave you your edit. We’ve been open for 2 months and remember, we were doing it for free despite what was going on in our own lives. Also, after you requested, you wouldn’t stop bugging Jayla and I saying, “Is it finished yet?” Even though we had asked you to please wait patiently.

I really think you have a lot of nerve to still be complaining, even after I’ve responded to you.


@Babyminniemouse Sorry, I don’t know exactly how long we’ll be closed, but we’ll try to open as soon as we’re less busy.


okay thanks


Heyyyyyyyy I don’t know you, but I’m pretty sure that these two ladies mentioned at the start that they’ll edit what you want, on the condition that they choose the outfits. Your edit is already amazing, please be thankful. Sorry for adding fuel to the fire, I’m just angery that you aren’t thankful :confused:


Well said :heartpulse:


@Shadow_Physic Yes! Thank you!








That’s my story called A husband’s regret :heart:




change the background to Grass or something like camp.


Your art is so good!


@PurpleRose Thank you! Practicing my editing everyday, so hopefully I’ll get better soon.




Hi Could I still ask for a request?