Jaynee's edited covers, splashes Thread! (OPEN)

Hey everyone. :kissing_heart:
If you need a splash, big cover or a small cover i’ll be happy to help,.


  1. Please use the covers or splash’s that are created for you as they do take time.
  2. Credit must be given @Jaynee.Episode
  3. If you’ve already requested the same thing from another threatld you will be denied.
  4. Please don’t rush me. I will take as much time as i need to make sure it’s right. You can check up on your request.
  5. No spamming, spamming, drama, or advertising is allowed on this thread.
  6. Don’t ask for a cover etc if you have no intention of using it or you’ve already asked someone else to do one.

Ink or LL:
What are you requesting:(splash, big cover or small).
Any Images:
Time Frame:
Extra Notes:

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Big covers


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Can I have a splash that says Episode 1, This story uses sound so turn up your volume. Also can you make it black and red.

is there a certain background you would like?

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No just anything black and red. :revolving_hearts:

Ok i’ll get straight onto that :grinning:

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@PropertyofNae is the sound on a 2nd splash or on the episode 1 splash?

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can i have a splash that says “Follow my insta:Epsiode_Kyra”
can i also have a splash that says “This story uses music and sound turn up your volume for the full experince”
and both with a alien spaceship background

The episode one

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@PropertyofNae here’s your splash let me know if you want anything changing.


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i’ll get on to that now.

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@Kyra101 Let me know if these are ok or you want something different.


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Can you make me a splash with it saying ”turn up the volume, this story uses music” - I would love some notes and something music related to it. Otherwise it doesn’t matter.
And another one with ”follow me on instagram for sneak peeks and updates, @episode.inkkee” - with this character in this position and an instagram logo

Also one that says ”to be continued” - again it doesn’t matter what it looks like just not too dark

Story name is Trapped
Author name is Skittles
Story Description: Luna is Trapped, one slight touch with another person and she’s in their mind. what will happen when she meets a mysterious supernatural whos memories she cannot see.

Not published

Luna; tan skin, defined natural eyebrows, beach wave hair (charcoal), upturned bold eyes (blue), face is soft heart, nose is elven, lips are full round (taupe).

Alex: skin is tan, eyebrows are bushy wide, hair is short cropped (platinum blond),
eyes are classic round (green), face is chiseled square, nose is button, lips is classic (taupe)

cover idea: they should be back to back and the girl is crying while the boy is sad, and their hands should be touching.
outfits don’t matter.
cover extral dets: its a small cover

i cannot give you an image because it would not let me, i’m sorry about that. :grinning:
thank you so much!! :grinning:

Could we ask you for a couple things? I’ll be sure to credit you every episode :slight_smile:

I dont need any edits but i was wonderinf what the sizings are for splashes and small and big covers cause i suck at sizing and i really need to start thinking about the sizing when i do requests :woman_facepalming:t3::heart:

Splashes are 640x1136 small covers are 420x580 big covers are 966x642 :grinning:

I will get started after work :grinning:

Yeah sure.