Jaz’s Theme Contest!


(Forgive me if I put in the wrong topic.)

Make an October edit etc! From clowns to simple trick or treating! Scary or Sweet! You decide!

Of course I have rules.

  1. Drama stealing work etc will not be tolerated.
  2. If inspired by someone or using outline etc. CREDIT THEM
    To be honest that’s all I have. So let’s get to the fun part!

    First place: An edit cover etc of they please. A spam of likes on ig. A follow on Instagram AND if published story I will read and review it. (Or want a proofreader.) (if you don’t have Instagram, I will be contacting you through PM to provide you with a different set of options of prizes.)
    Second place: Your entry my profile picture for a WEEK! A spam of likes, a follow on ig. And edit or cover etc of they please. (Same with first place I will PM you if you don’t have Instagram.)
    Third Place: An edit or cover etc of they please, a follow on ig.

    If the edit is going to be my pfp, I recommend it be of me. It doesn’t have to be. If you would like to do this, here are my character details.
    Skin: Caramel
    Brows: mature round
    Eyes: upturned feline black
    Hair: Short bob black
    Mouth: full round taupe
    Nose: Eleven
    The due date is my birthday Oct 27(Which is when winners will be announced).
    Good luck everyone!
    ~ Jaz :fire:


I will enter!




Of course queen




I’ll enter!




I maybe enter…


Can I still enter???


Yes! It’d open until Oct 27 @Kamorie1027 and that’s fine take your time! @Firely_epi


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Same! Birthday buddies!


YAy! :blue_heart:


:grin: Let’s go back on topic before we get flagged :wink:




Here’s my entry! Follow me on instagram @Epii.Milii :smile:


Well mine’s absolute crap…


@StoryWriter10 and @QueenMilii there boy beautiful thank you!


Eh well here it is I guess.

It’s not you technically but it could be.