Jazz's Background, Overlays, and PNG Creations

Hi, and welcome to my background, overlays, and PNG creation thread! I’m hoping to help you with your background, overlay, and PNG needs.

What I Make!
:paintbrush: Backgrounds
:paintbrush: Overlays that match backgrounds :arrow_up:
:paintbrush: Overlays in general (bottles, blankets, etc.)
:paintbrush: Hair PNGs


I’m also open to making anything that you might need! If you need something or have an idea don’t be afraid to say it or ask. I might make it and I might not. Depends on my ability to create it.

Link to my stuff

@jazzyjwrites • Milkshake Website Builder


Not a request yet but I’ll definitely request in the future but I love you work !

Some suggestion I have are maybe a different classroom desk bg then maybe another one with a teacher desk and a white board or chalk board. (Bg)

  • a stairway (bg)
  • a hallway with door or without (bg)
  • maybe some pillow (ol’s )
  • cake overlays and some other desert and food ol’s (png)
    -different store like shoes store , a clothes stores , ik they have a few but maybe can make one that has more clothes in shown . (bgs )

These are all great ideas! Thanks for your input

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Feeling kind of uninspired, so if anyone has any suggestions I’d be glad to make it!

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Hey maybe make like a dessert table or some fancy tables ? I’ve looked for some of those for a friend and I couldn’t find any .

I might try that. Thank you for the suggestion!

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Would anyone like a link to my background and overlay drive?

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Just created some table overlays and added them to the drive.
@Catniss is this luke what your friend was looking for?

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Hey @Jazz.epi_babe , I’m not sure but I’ll definitely ask her . I think she was looking for a longer table with a white table cloth .

Also I would love your background and ol drive your examples are so good !

I added the link to the original post! In the link there are more colors for the tables, i just wanted to give you an example

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