Jeebs Ink covers, 0 spots available! 😫 CLOSED

Bump¿ does no one want my help :sleepy::joy:
No? Okay- :pleading_face::pleading_face:

Y’all I’m bored as hell please :sleepy:

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I’m working on a story and plan to make a limelight and ink version of it but it won’t be out for a while because I already have one out. If that’s okay then I’d love to request.


Yeah sure! Show me the characters and if I like them then I’ll give it a go! The form and rules are above :nerd_face:

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your art is absolutely beautiful :fire: i’d request but i don’t have an ink story 🥲

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Thank you so much! :heart: And no worries :)))

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Your art is… BEAUTIFUL…you make me wanna write a ink version of the story im writing :thinking:

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i wanna requesttt

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Thank you lol :joy::heart:

I mean- be fast lmao :joy::joy:

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  • story name: The Dare
  • character details (max 2)(INK):
    Medium sharp
    Short chopped hair-black
    Deepest piercing - hickory
    Defined triangle
    Mocha-small heart

Classic neutral
Round classic-pine
Full round-taupe

  • pose (a description of something simple or a custom pose you already have/can make):
    For the pose I’d like it to look a little bit like this
    But them in the center and looking forward and smiling, and his arm to just be around her chestqq
  • background:
  • colour scheme: light, school-like, childhood friends
  • outfits (episode outfits, but I may change them up a lil):
  • why I should make you a cover (convince me 🥲):
  • story already released?:
    No it is not
  • password: Thea being nice??
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Okie dokie! Yep I’ll do this for you :heart:

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Thank you so much!!
Do you have a instagram?

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Unfortunately not! :heart:

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  • story name: Just Friends
  • character details (max 2)(INK):
- emani (girl/MC)

skin tone - tan
brow shape - defined natural
hair style - long curly hair OR diva curls, whichever one is easier for you to draw :))
hair color - black
eye shape - upturned bold
eye color - green
face shape - oval
nose shape - upturned
lip shape - full round
lip color - terracotta

- mateo (boy/LI)

skin tone - caramel
brow shape - thick arch
hair style - short cropped hair
hair color - black
eye shape - stoic almond
eye color - brown
face shape - defined triangle
nose shape - button
lip shape - uneven
lip color - taupe

  • pose (a description of something simple or a custom pose you already have/can make):
- pose

lmk if the pose doesn’t work!

  • background:
- background

  • colour scheme:
  • light, happy(for the girl), childhood friends, chemistry
  • outfits (episode outfits, but I may change them up a lil):
- mateo's outfit

Light Blue Beach Boy Linen Shirt
Fancy Victorian Pants Black

- emani's outfit

Pink Beach Day Romper

  • why I should make you a cover (convince me 🥲): cause i’m SUCHHHH a huge fan of ur art, and you’ve REALLY inspiried me when it came finding my art style, don’t think it would’ve been possible without ur support and helping me :pleading_face: :pleading_face: & ummm maybe cause you’ll wanna read the story? NFJDSFNDSKLFJNSDJ :joy:
  • story already released?: not yet, but SOONNNNN PEOPLES
  • password: Thea being nice??

if you accept EEKKKK THANKS BABEEE!!! also, it’s gonna be waist up right? or just torso, cause i was just wondering if we would see mateo’s pants, (we don’t have to i’d love just torso up :))

edit #1 - WAIT isn’t waist up the same thing as torso up- i’m dumb :skull: :skull:

edit #2 - also, can both of there facial expressions be the same ones as in the pose reference?

edit #3 - alsoooo, can the background be blurred out some pls?


Yes this all works lmao :joy::joy: I can do it so it shows some legs like the first example i she at the top? The pose should be okay and I’ll let you know if I run into any problems :heart:

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yea that works ! just a lil bit of legs

thanks sooooo much !! ur the best :relieved: :heartbeat:

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Absolutely no worries, it may be over a week and shit :heart:

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PSHHHHHH take as long as you need !! i wouldn’t care if it took like a month or two, i’m patient asf, especially when it comes to people making art for me cause ik its really stressful when people rush you :new_moon_with_face:

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I appreciate it, ty :heart:

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