Jeez, I feel like I'm constanty making these. Episode please fix this

When I’m previewing, some of the colours of the text, backgrounds and overlays etc, are inverted? Like for example I have red text, but it shows up as green. I also had a blue background, and when it faded out it became a weird green/red colour. What is going on?

I have refreshed multiple times.

Eh, It also happens with me too…
But about text effects I think you have used too many…
Ex- bold, color:blush, outline:blush
If you do like this it appears dark and different, instead you should use any 2.

I guess about the background one is an episode bug.

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I happens wid me sometimes as well but in previewing it will show like that nd when the readers will read it will be the exact colour or text u kept
Probably i tried that way so got that :smiley::smiley:

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