Jelly's Art Shop 🙂💗 (Close) + Free

@teekay Are u accepting requests?
I have a request for an art scene
So if u r accepting I’ll send u the details

Im really sorry but I’m very busy atm… it would be really nice if you could request at another artist (:


Sure thing, however I loved ur art so muchhh🥺

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Heyyy, I was just wondering how is the story cover is coming along?

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I’ll finish it up now this week I wasn’t feeling alright at the beginning of this week.

I totally understand! take your time :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m sending it tommorow I’ve been busy with packing and everything college wise. Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you right away when I started feeling well.

That’s okay, I totally understand! Thank you so much :grin:

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Happy forumsversaryyyyy @anon78704151!


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I love @anon78704151’s work!
I would like an art scene if that’s possible <3
(Two characters)



I don’t know if you need it but here are the details:

I would like for them to do this pose but in like full body <3

Password: Roses

I also want you to know that you don’t have to rush! I can wait<3

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I’ll start it tonight.

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Sorry for delay I just moved I don’t have wifim

I’m sending it tomorrow I don’t have wifi. Just moved.

Thank you so much! No rush btw! <3

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The library time is extended also wifi is coming back soon sorry for anyone who had to wait not working on it today sense it’s my b-day. I don’t want to stay in the library all day today.

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I’m going to finish yours this weekend hopefully I’m not too late.

If I’m not too late I haven’t had WiFi, I’ll have yours this weekend ready.

I got a new pen for my phone, and my dad has unlimited on his phone so anyone who needs art done this weekend is great for me.

you’re not! No rush :slight_smile: Happy birthday!!

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