❤ Jem's Coding Commission Shop ❤

Hello everyone, I’ve decided to open up a pay for coding shop because I’m broke lol and we have financial woes atm :joy: Anyways, I’ve compiled a list of prices:

500 lines = $3
1000 lines = $6
1500 lines = $6
3000 lines = $9
5000 lines = $12
10, 000 lines = $ 15
More than 10, 000 lines = to be determined
Cc template lines don’t count. Proof-reading per episode is $3.
Coding a game menu once = $3 (not part of the line number). It would only be coded once as it can be copied and pasted into future episodes.

If you’d like a tappable CC template, $6 for coding it. You would provide the CC material through however. I have the episode assets (face shape, lip shape, etc) but you can provide the tray, arrows, etc.

I’m flexible and we can work anything out in regards to prices. This is my first time opening a shop like this so I hope it’s reasonable haha. For more details, feel free to PM :heart:

We’d communicate via PM or DM on IG and use a Google doc where you’d send me your script, and in a Google drive, the characters, style it’s in and any overlays and backgrounds (or anything else that is required). Ofc I’ll be showing you videos of it in action.

My ko-fi:


i hope you get lots of commissions !! good luck :))

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Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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