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hi i was wondering of you know how to create touchable overlays for stories?

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thx also could you tell me how to rotate overlays please

can you help me add tattoos and freckles for customization templates

On freckles, read this:

In regards to tattoos, you can upload them as an overlay from sites in the public domain and from people on episode or you can use tattoos available in the clothing section when it comes to characters. In the search bar, where it says search for clothing, type in “tattoo” and you should be able to find a bunch.

Hi, yeah, sure, sometimes it can also depend on how your image was uploaded.

If it helps, you can go through this thread:

If you’re still stuck, you can PM me and I will try my best at helping you out ^^


I have some coding tips on my Instagram page as well, @episode.mavis, in case anyone is interested. :slight_smile:

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Sure, no problem ^^ Feel free to text me on the form or email me :slight_smile:

-xoxo Mavis

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hi i was wondering how do you get the lipstick prop to appear in your story Ink style

Here’s an example using it:

@add Lipstick to GIRL
@GIRL starts apply_lipstick
@GIRL changes mouthColor into Scarlet
@pause for a beat
@remove Lipstick from GIRL
@GIRL starts admire
@pause for a beat

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thank you!

No problem :wink: :sparkling_heart:

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Hi i need some help with remembering choices

goto comfy_32

(They can’t be separate, there needs to be a _ connecting them or no spaces at all)

Add a _ for all those gotos as well as the labels : )

I don’t get this

Hey, can you post more of your screenshot? I can’t see the error.
If you’re uncomfortable posting it here, tell me and I will PM you.

I’ve messaged you

No, you weren’t supposed to message me :sweat_smile:

I told you I’ll do it. This is because I have a overflow of messages and some are yours, so I wanted to PM you using an old message instead.

Okay, sorry :smile: