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So if you check out the link that I sent you (HOW TO: Use [shouldPaginate: YES]) and test out the 14 outfit choices, it will remember.

Just do NOT do this (taking the sample from above and adding something):

label Dressing

Pick something.

choice(OUTFIT)[shouldPaginate: YES]

goto Dressing


Don’t put a goto in the option that leads to back to the label at the beginning. This is because, according to Dara’s guide to using if/elif/else with the choice name and option method " You have repeated choices. Inside each choice is a goto that leads back to the label to start the choice over again, so technically whatever choice you tapped on does not get remembered since the choice gets repeated."

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Either way you’re not allowed to use hidden/special clothing that hasn’t been released to the public in your stories. Can read more here: Rules Around Using Episode Art Assets and Community Edits

P.S I remember @Dara.Amarie posting about it on her IG story :smile:

Yeah It seems so cool.


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IDK if this will help, but I made this:

Other threads:

  1. Tip: Conversion between Main Positions to Spots
  2. Tip: Upside Down Code 🎃

Guide from Dara’s website on spot directing:

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From the episode guides:

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I’m having some trouble with my tappable pan code for overlays

Here is the code:
tappable [pan:1:3]

@cut to zone 2


@cut to zone 2


When I viewed on the web previewer I tracked the script and it just cuts straight to zone 2 and doesn’t let me tap on the overlays or move between zones.

My story can’t progress until I get the scene done so any help would be greatly appreciated :smile:

So I know it’s been a few days but i’m curious, what did they say when u sent in the ticket? is everything fine now? :blush: I will not rest until everything gets solved :joy: :flushed:

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Haha I didn’t need to send it in the end! I ended up putting the choice in as a separate game using a new scene afterwards and it recognized it and worked. I think I must have done something in the original code that for some reason the script didn’t like but it works perfectly now! Thanks for all your help though :smile:

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HI! I need help with the codes, So what I want to do is that the readers choose a type of mouth and in the following episodes remember the one they chose, because I would change the mouth so that they have fangs and then go back to the original (the one they chose) and I don’t know how to do it.
I hope I explained myself well

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Thread to check out: HOW TO: Customize Characters

This one: HOW TO: Use [shouldPaginate: YES]

I’d try this technique using the choice name and option method:
HOW TO: Use [shouldPaginate: YES]

I mention a little warning on my help thread if you have a lot of options and want them remembered: JemU776's Help Thread

Can read more about the choice name and option method here (the best method for this):

Basically if you use the technique above, create a template for all mouth shapes (don’t include a goto in each mouth option otherwise it’ll take you back to the label in the beginning; so the choice is repeated and never remembered. Just include a yes or no option after the template and in the no option, you can write the goto which will lead to a label at the beginning of the dressing game)

Can read about gotos and labels here: HOW TO: Labels and Gotos 🖤

If you’re still stuck, let me know! You can give me your character’s name and gender (I know the style is limelight since you mentioned vamp fangs) and I’ll create the template for you with all lip shapes.


Check out:

An amazing website :sunglasses: :blue_heart:

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Hello I need help

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So my characters are leaving and going offscreen before my car overlay. I always seem to have this problem with an exiting car.

This is the code:


@overlay CAR ANGLE VINTAGE shifts to 541 74 in 5 AND GENESIS walks to spot 0.383 884 336 in 5 AND GENESIS is idle AND LUCINDA walks to spot 0.346 833 355 in 5 AND LUCINDA is idle AND RHONDA walks to spot 0.355 786 351 in 5 AND RHONDA is idle

How do I fix it?

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I would try:

But Idk if it will work :woman_shrugging:

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Didn’t work

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Called it! :joy:



Hi! I’m not on the writer’s portal right now but did you make sure your coordinates are correct?

You might need to tweak their spot placements in order to get them to follow the car smoothly.

&overlay NAME shifts to X Y in S
&CHAR1 walks to % X Y in S AND CHAR1 does it while animation
&CHAR2 walks to % X Y in S AND CHAR2 does it while animation
@CHAR3 walks to % X Y in S AND CHAR3 does it while animation

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