JemU776's Help Thread

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Thread to check out: HOW TO: Customize Characters

This one: HOW TO: Use [shouldPaginate: YES]

I’d try this technique using the choice name and option method:
HOW TO: Use [shouldPaginate: YES]

I mention a little warning on my help thread if you have a lot of options and want them remembered: JemU776's Help Thread

Can read more about the choice name and option method here (the best method for this):

Basically if you use the technique above, create a template for all mouth shapes (don’t include a goto in each mouth option otherwise it’ll take you back to the label in the beginning; so the choice is repeated and never remembered. Just include a yes or no option after the template and in the no option, you can write the goto which will lead to a label at the beginning of the dressing game)

Can read about gotos and labels here: HOW TO: Labels and Gotos 🖤

If you’re still stuck, let me know! You can give me your character’s name and gender (I know the style is limelight since you mentioned vamp fangs) and I’ll create the template for you with all lip shapes.