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I really stuck with this error

So, example:


HOW TO: Post A Screenshot From Your Phone:

Some Bonus Stuff:

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Some tips:

Resource: Animated gif in episode

When you go to:

You don’t need to do this:

When you can directly download the split images (frames) in PNG format from the website ezgif.

You can upload the overlays into the art catalog (must be in PNG format)

Another thing!

When you’re determining what time to use for your gif, the name of the split images (frames) should help.

Here, it says 0.05

Example from the resource:

Where it says 1 (bolded) for the gif above, I can use 0.05 for the gif in the screenshots.


#overlay commands above
@overlay FRAME TWO opacity 1 in 0.05

Thank you to @amberose for providing the last screenshot and @LiyahxWrites for helping by saving the ZIP folder with the split images (my phone has literally almost no storage lol plus I STILL don’t have a computer sigh) :hibiscus: :yellow_heart:

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I wanted to share my recent directing tutorial on epyxmagic


Tip: Before you ask to make a daytime background into a night one in the Art Resources category in Creator’s Corner (, provided no night BG is available, try the overlay EFFECT DIM 60 first. If it’s not to your liking, then request away :heart:



I’m having some trouble with my character disappearing once I get them on-screen through walking. I’m using a template from Dara and I added some things, and I’m worried I ruined the template. I’ve attached the part of the script below. Can someone let me know what I’m doing wrong, and how I can keep the character from disappearing once they get to the “close up” for customization? They walk in fine, but when they get to the choices for customization, they disappear. Thank you


@SARAH enters from left to screen center AND SARAH does it while walk_neutral_loop
@SARAH spot 2.400 170 -520 and SARAH faces right and SARAH starts idle

label female_custom_1
@SARAH spot 2.400 170 -520 and SARAH faces right and SARAH starts idle

What do you look like?


And, maybe remove this since it seems unnecessary.

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#Instead of this, remove it, and then you can write:

@SARAH spot 2.400 -100 -520 AND SARAH faces right
@SARAH walks to spot 2.400 170 -520 AND SARAH does it while walk_neutral_loop THEN SARAH starts idle

#Much smoother :heart:

Thank you so much!

I did a mixture of the two, since for some reason my script didn’t like the direction. Thank you so much!

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Wait, so if the preview on mobile doesn’t follow the preview on pc, is it a glitch or is there something wrong with my code? Just clarifying.

The web previewer and app have been known to show different things which is quite frustrating. Discussions on it: Difference between live previewer and app & Dont You Hate It When It Happens

Words of advice:


Trust what it shows on the app (what the readers see) rather than the web previewer. Adjust your script accordingly. Hope this helps :heart:


No problem :yay:

Thank you!

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You can’t use the follow command with spot direction/directing.


&pan to zone 1 in 1.5
@SIAN walks to spot 0.920 138 127 in zone 1 in 1.5 AND SIAN does it while run_athletic_neutral_loop

More info here: HOW TO: Stage Direction

Okay thank you :slight_smile:

I really need help, I got my characters in spots then them moving to different spots but when i preview it they are moving in different directions and different sides of the screen