JemU776's Help Thread

What do you prefer?
1 or 2 choices per episode which change the whole plot, or a lot of basic choices? :thinking:

I would go with the 1 or 2 choices that change the plot heavily : )
Most readers, I believe, like making choices that have a big impact on the story ^^


Inside of an if/elif/else I have a locked choice and I need to put a label there so that the reader can go back and choose again because the choice is locked (hehe does this make sense?). Anyways, my script says that I can’t put a label inside an if/elif/else thing, so I was wondering what I can do instead? Thanks in advance, it’s so nice of you to create a thread like this!

Oh nevermind, I figured it out :sweat_smile:

Glad to hear :wink:

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P.S You probably already know this but in case, I’ll add it here ^^
It’s pretty much what the Forums state : )


You’re the best :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Thank you so much for your kind words :heart_eyes::sparkling_heart:

You’re really awesome too, a wonderful friend! :kissing_closed_eyes::revolving_hearts:


Hi i need help with a wedding scene template for my story i’m struggling to get them to kiss properly

You can check on how to get characters to kiss here: 💋 HOW TO: Hug and Kiss (Ink & LL)

Hope this helps : )

If you still need more assistance, let me know XOXO :kiss:

My characters are at certain spots and i really don’t get how to move them together for kiss

Ok, PM me the part from the script where they’re at and I’ll help you out : )

You probably already know this but in case not, here you go:

There’s two types of pans: inter-zone pans and intra-zone pans

Inter-zone pans are just pans to different zones:

@pan to zone # in T

An example:
@pan to zone 2 in 3
This means the camera will pan (slide) to zone 2 from the current zone it’s in, and this pan will last 3 seconds.
It doesn’t have to be three seconds. It can be any number of seconds you want it to be.

I talk more about them here: HOW TO: Stage Direction

Now, onto Intra-zone pans
These are pans that occur within a single zone. (So if you’re in zone 1, these pans will take place in zone 1 only. Want to pan to another zone? No problem, you need to use an inter-zone pan mentioned above)

The generic code for it:

@zoom on X Y to % in S

In order to achieve an intra-zone pan, You would zoom from one X Y coordinate to another at the same magnification %.

What this means is that your X and Y values can end up being different however the % is the same.


@zoom on 160 400 to 200% in 2

So, the 160 could change to a different number and so can the 400, however the 200% remains the same.


Sometimes people make this error and it can be frustrating, even though it’s easy to solve, some people can end up getting stuck.

So, remember when you’re putting a choice in your story:

See how there’s a space (a whole line skipped) between } and “Random Option”? You do NOT want that.

Of course you’ll change Random Option to whatever you want your options within a choice to be called and you will add dialogue underneath.

Hope this helps XOXO :black_heart:


Bumpity Bumpity Bump!
Jem! This is an amazing thread! I Have no idea what the coding is though, I’m so confused and bad at this :sweat_smile:
Anyways, more people should notice this amazing hlping workshop!


Understanding Duplicate labels:


Bla bla bla…

goto hair_size

label hair_size

You chose long hair for yourself.

goto continue_plot

label hair_size

You chose short hair for yourself.

goto continue_plot

label continue_plot


Just imagine you wrote this. You would get an error because label hair_size is being repeated twice. A goto leads to a label and goto hair_size would lead to label hair_size.

BUT THE PROBLEM IS IF GOTO HAIR_SIZE LEADS TO LABEL HAIR_SIZE TWICE and since there are two labels present, which one is it gonna go to?! The long haired option or the short haired one? You have no idea and so wouldn’t a reader. Therefore, it would NOT make sense to duplicate a label. And obviously, you can’t test it because you get an error. It just wouldn’t make sense. I mean, can you seriously imagine a story where duplicate labels were allowed? Oh man, it would be a mess…

However, a label can have multiple gotos leading to it (see how label continue_plot has goto continue_plot twice?) heck, you can have more than three gotos leading to a label!

Hope it makes sense what I’m trying to say :wink:

Moral of this post: Do NOT duplicate labels. Even having three labels or more than three with the same name in your episode is bad. (ex. having label red_color appear five times in your episode is not allowed.)

Also, remember that gotos lead to a label that they share a name with.

So, goto CUSTOMIZE would lead to label CUSTOMIZE and goto PARK would lead to label PARK and so forth.

However, duplicating labels is only restricted to each episode, not your whole entire story. So, if in episode 1, you had label DRESSING_GAME, in episode 2 you can have that label, too, just not have it appear more than once within an episode.

Have a nice day :sunglasses:


Thank you so much @CinnamonToast that means a lot coming from you :wink:

You’re honestly so amazing! :facepunch: :sparkling_heart:


In case anybody wants to write their Instagram in their bio (like I did) without showing the actual link.

It would look like this:


So, first you’d write the word Instagram and italicize it if you want.

Example= Instagram:

Then you’d write your IG (Instagram) account next to it.

Example= @jem776x

Next, you’d put [ ] around the Instagram account that you wrote, so it looks like this:
Example= [@jem776x]

Then next to your Instagram, you’d write your Instagram link.


After that you would put () around your link, so it looks like this:

Example= (

You’d put that all together, to make it appear like this:

Instagram: @jem776x

Looks cool, right? :grin:

Can also be applied to stories, too.

The Ice Skating Dream


As well as other websites ^^

Submit a ticket here

P.S if you’re unsure about how to do this and you see someone do it, you can always quote their post and see how they wrote it (you don’t need to post anything, just quote them and see how they wrote it, copy it and replace the link with yours as well as change the word highlighted in blue that can be clicked to the one you want)


Read this on the ink style: PETITION: More Ink!


A very helpful guide: