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Hi can you please help me here I don’t know what I did wrong in this

You need to remove


On line 551

You are an angel :butterfly: :revolving_hearts: My god you r soo observant I love you :blob_hearts:
Once again thank you very much!!!

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I want to ask how to move camera along with the character??

Hi! Your tips are super helpful. I just wanted to ask that how can i zoom out to the whole bg? How can I show my readers the whole bg without have to deal wth the trouble of zones??

🌙 HOW TO: Use Pans 🌙

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If you zoom reset, it’ll show the background (if your background is 1 zone, this would be perfect for you). If your background is, let’s say 3 zones, and you want to show it all, unfortunately, if you zoom out too much, you’ll get “black screens” showing so you’d need to pan across all 3 zones to show the background in the most clearest way possible. Before you pan, you can place characters in the other zones doing animations (so ex. background characters).


&zoom reset

@pan to zone 3 in 5 then pause for 0.9 then pan to zone 1 in 5

#in this example, the camera slides from zone 1 to zone 3 in 5 seconds, pauses on zone 3 for 0.9 seconds and then slides back to zone 1 in 5 seconds.

I recommend to check out: HOW TO: Stage Direction & 🌙 HOW TO: Use Pans 🌙 & if you’d like: 🌹 HOW TO: Pan + Zoom at the same time + Extra Material 🌹

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thanks a lot :heart_eyes:

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You seem really awesome and you have helped me in the past but i’m having the same brightness issue with the changing of opacity of an overlay, it is not with the background it is created afterwards (as i have been doing thanks to your wonderful post) but for some reason this is happening (i will add that it hasn’t happened with any other overlay and background i have used this with). Please help if you are able!

Here’s my code


@cut to zone 3

&overlay LOGAN KITCHEN OVERLAY scales to 1.000 1.000 in zone 3 in 0
&overlay LOGAN KITCHEN OVERLAY to layer 2
&overlay LOGAN KITCHEN OVERLAY opacity 1 in 0

@DAD spot 0.695 60 289 in zone 3 AND DAD is tinker_stand_neutral_loop_rear AND DAD faces left AND EMILY spot 0.803 281 333 in zone 3 AND EMILY is idle AND EMILY faces left AND LOGAN spot 1.280 -79 -3 in zone 1 AND LOGAN faces right

@EMILY moves to layer -1
@LOGAN moves to layer 4
@DAD moves to layer 3

@LOGAN walks to spot 1.280 176 0 in zone 3 AND LOGAN is walk_neutral_loop

    LOGAN (talk_neutral_loop_rear)
Hey Dad.

&LOGAN is idle_rear
@DAD faces right
DAD (talk_neutral)
Hey Buddy, what are you up to today?

@overlay LOGAN KITCHEN OVERLAY opacity 0.6 in 1

@pause for a beat

@LOGAN is idle_rear AND LOGAN faces left

@LOGAN is idle_rear AND LOGAN faces right

    LOGAN (idle_rear)
(She's still here.)

As soon as it goes to 0.6 it turns bright.

ok, so i fixed it by tinkering around a bit, for some reason the ‘create’ made it bright but using ‘with’ worked :exploding_head: complete opposite of the first time i had the brightness issue, :woman_shrugging: who knows…

Glad you solved it but if you test on the app and the brightness issue appears, you can send a support ticket to Episode regarding the error.

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Hey guys, logged in just to say I won’t be active much here. Between studying for courses, my part time job and volunteering at the hospital in my free time (as well as writing my novels/comics which I’m aiming to publish before 2025), I’m exhausted (this week, I ran on a 2 hour sleep also) and I have a lot to do. In addition, I logged out of my IG for a while so it won’t be distracting. Thanks for reading this if you do and have a great day. - Message from a tired soul whose brain power is all over the place and feet hurt. :heart:

P.S oui, I’m even tired to type (did not enjoy writting this and sorry for mistakes)… :heart:


I did test both pc and phone app versions but thanks!

Hi :wave: I’m a new author and I’m having trouble with my script and I need some help please. Here’s my script:

what I’m trying to do is get it to pan to zone 3 while my characters are already there. But then when I go to another scene and go back to the previous scene to preview it, it doesn’t show at all it just skips it all together, what could I be doing wrong please help. Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

on line 1081, you should add something like:

@pause for 5

(in this case 5 seconds). you can read info on pausing a scene here:
HOW TO: Pause A Scene

When you’re showing dancing scenes and no dialogue in the scene, it’s best to pause on the scene for a few seconds before you move on.

Another thread that will be of interest to you: HOW TO: Stage Direction (remember to test on the app for the best results, first play through, reset, then play through again)

Hi! I don’t why it says error. I’ve looked things up and nothing was useful. It says that @pause was the problem. Thank you for your time!

A sandwich is just the right thing!
(ik i need the at sign but im new so it wont let me post it)
add Panini Sandwich Bread Brown to ACTOR 1
@ACTOR 1 walks to upscreen left
ACTOR 1 (pickup_object_neutral)
@pause for 0.5
ACTOR 1 (eat_food_hand_neutral)
This sandwich is delicous!

When you’re doing:

CHAR (animation) you always need to have dialogue underneath, always. Example:

CHAR (animation)
Bla bla bla…

If you just want the character to do an animation without talking it’s:

@CHAR is animation

Having it occur at the same time as other actions (using & or starts):

&CHAR is animation
@CHAR starts animation

You can read more here:


@ACTOR 1 is pickup_object_neutral

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Thank you so much!

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