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#Here’s an example of coding a tappable menu (for this example, when reader clicks on each option, they go to a new background so no need to worry about creating multiple overlays error and if they pick credits or background characters, they are then taken back to label end_chapter (if you have overlay animations, they will be viewed again, to avoid this, all you do is place overlays in the desired positions you like for them to be and place a label there-don’t forget to place the background if you are switching to new backgrounds). Ending the episode doesn’t really need a new background but I did it anyway for this example. Also, for the tappable, overlays you want tapped, you use:

label end_chapter


#place overlays


goto watch_credits


goto bg_characters


goto finish


label watch_credits


#credits here

goto end_chapter

label bg_characters


#bg characters here

goto end_chapter

label finish


#ending credits

#I used new backgrounds when picking an option but you don’t have to however if you don’t switch background, and you don’t want overlays in the way, you’d have to clear them and create them again when going back to the menu label. Also, if you decide to not clear the overlays (so even if you pick each option, you leave the overlays coded in your scene and don’t switch background) then you can’t go back to label end_chapter because then you’d be creating the overlays again. Instead you’d put a label lower, right over the word tappable (for example label menu). Then instead of goto end_chapter for background characters and credits option, you’d have goto menu. And as a bonus, you can even throw in an “Are you sure?” choice for when the reader clicks on the done overlay.

#Example main menu: 🌈 CODE: Making A Main Menu :prideheart: (can copy code in story and follow along, did not account for tablet users)
#labels and gotos: 🖤 HOW TO: Labels and Gotos 🖤

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