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Ahhh thank you!!! It works! :llama:

And ofc I’ll credit you:)

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Hello guys if you need any help cutting out material from a CC template can let me know and I’ll help :blush:

Love, Jem. Happy New Years BTW :blob_hearts:

Bump :sunny:

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Bump :sunflower:

Hi, I have a quick question,
So the code where you can say @follow CHARACTER to X in zone X
But is there a way to follow them to a spot
Like, using Spot directing

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Oh ok, thank you!

And I have one more question, if I want the character to move to a spot without walking, how do I code that

You’d use a non-walking animation. For example if you have a character sitting in their chair and you want them to slightly rise, you could have them move to that new spot using, say, an idle animation.

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Lol hi I’m back :sweat_smile:

So I have a choice inside of an if elif or whatever and it’s saying I don’t have a bracket for the if and won’t preview

On line 347, you spelled readerMessage wrong.

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Thank you :sweat_smile:

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Hi can you please do a cut out for me??? xxx

I’m not too good at cutting out stuff, you’ll have better luck in art resources :sweat_smile:

Can give this a try:

Thank you anyway xx

hey I have another problem :sweat_smile:

I tried putting some dialog before and after the @LAUREN +3

Remove } on line 768

Remove { on line 776

@LAUREN +3 <— usually written like this without word is.

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Thank you I’ll try that :blush:

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heeeeeeey… :sweat_smile:

So i fixed the other one thanks but… i have a new problem

On line 795, add another }

So you’d have 2 closing brackets.

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