JemU776's Help Thread

It would be something like:

label end

Are you satisfied with they way you look?



goto feature


And the customization template:

label feature

Pick a feature to change into.


#bla bla bla, all options here and last option:


goto end


A label leads to a goto it shares the same name (like a checkpoint, 🖤 HOW TO: Labels and Gotos 🖤 duplicate labels not allowed because of script confusion

So if label feature is at the top of your template and the reader presses no when choosing whether they want to move on from cc, if you have goto feature written it will take them to label feature. If reader clicks on finished or done cc and it says goto end it will take them to label end, at all the way below the cc template. These are just example names, you don’t need to use feature or end you can name your label and goto anything (avoid spaces, etc) but just remember that you can have many goto but only one label per episode as seen in a cc template.