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Understanding Duplicate labels:


Bla bla bla…

goto hair_size

label hair_size

You chose long hair for yourself.

goto continue_plot

label hair_size

You chose short hair for yourself.

goto continue_plot

label continue_plot


Just imagine you wrote this. You would get an error because label hair_size is being repeated twice. A goto leads to a label and goto hair_size would lead to label hair_size.

BUT THE PROBLEM IS IF GOTO HAIR_SIZE LEADS TO LABEL HAIR_SIZE TWICE and since there are two labels present, which one is it gonna go to?! The long haired option or the short haired one? You have no idea and so wouldn’t a reader. Therefore, it would NOT make sense to duplicate a label. And obviously, you can’t test it because you get an error. It just wouldn’t make sense. I mean, can you seriously imagine a story where duplicate labels were allowed? Oh man, it would be a mess…

However, a label can have multiple gotos leading to it (see how label continue_plot has goto continue_plot twice?) heck, you can have more than three gotos leading to a label!

Hope it makes sense what I’m trying to say :wink:

Moral of this post: Do NOT duplicate labels. Even having three labels or more than three with the same name in your episode is bad. (ex. having label red_color appear five times in your episode is not allowed.)

Also, remember that gotos lead to a label that they share a name with.

So, goto CUSTOMIZE would lead to label CUSTOMIZE and goto PARK would lead to label PARK and so forth.

However, duplicating labels is only restricted to each episode, not your whole entire story. So, if in episode 1, you had label DRESSING_GAME, in episode 2 you can have that label, too, just not have it appear more than once within an episode.

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Thank you so much @CinnamonToast that means a lot coming from you :wink:

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In case anybody wants to write their Instagram in their bio (like I did) without showing the actual link.

It would look like this:


So, first you’d write the word Instagram and italicize it if you want.

Example= Instagram:

Then you’d write your IG (Instagram) account next to it.

Example= @jem776x

Next, you’d put [ ] around the Instagram account that you wrote, so it looks like this:
Example= [@jem776x]

Then next to your Instagram, you’d write your Instagram link.


After that you would put () around your link, so it looks like this:

Example= (

You’d put that all together, to make it appear like this:

Instagram: @jem776x

Looks cool, right? :grin:

Can also be applied to stories, too.

The Ice Skating Dream


As well as other websites ^^

Submit a ticket here

P.S if you’re unsure about how to do this and you see someone do it, you can always quote their post and see how they wrote it (you don’t need to post anything, just quote them and see how they wrote it, copy it and replace the link with yours as well as change the word highlighted in blue that can be clicked to the one you want)


Read this on the ink style: PETITION: More Ink!


A very helpful guide:



Customizing your character

Using The Avatar Creator Feature:

Using Reader’s Existing Avatar:

Multiple CC templates can be found here:

Limited CC templates can be found here:

These are the different ways to customize a character. Have fun and remember to give credit to @ Dara.Amarie in regards to the multiple & limited CC templates; she works so hard on them :wink: :black_heart:

Also, a guide to typed in choices as well as naming your character (which is of course a typed in choice lol):

Twin and Family Member CC template by the awesome @ Dara.Amarie :

Check out this template by @ Dara.Amarie :

& this one:

Ok, this is all for now lol… :sweat_smile: :facepunch:


Complex Branching Guide from Episode:

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Amazing guide on using & or @ (which are different):

Another amazing guide by @ Dara.Amarie on script symbols: Script Symbols/Commands and What They're Used For


I’m going to bookmark this! :heart_eyes::wink:

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So, as soon as you start making progress on your story (by the time you reach the third Episode), Episode Interactive sends you this e-mail:

"Hello Creator,

It looks like you are making great progress on your story, STORY NAME! Before they publish for the first time many creators have questions about what kinds of content stories can have. You are here to help! You can find our Guidelines here. Stories that meet Episode’s content guidelines are eligible for featuring and more!

The most common things authors put in their stories that aren’t allowed are:

  • Stories that are reproductions, tributes or fan fictions of other books, movies or tv shows.
  • Adding real life celebrities as characters.
  • Depictions of sex acts or sexually explicit content.
  • Slurs or words you would not say in school.

If you have more questions about what can be in your story, our Support Team is here to help! Send us a message here.


The Episode Team"

P.S What your story can and cannot include:

Also, remember that you can always submit a ticket here if you’re experiencing issues or for other Episode related reasons:

And to find your support ID:

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Episode Terms of Service can be read here:

Episode Privacy Policy can be read here:

If you’re looking for a job at Episode Interactive you can search for them here:

(Note, jobs can have different requirements, and there might not even be one available at the moment)

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The Episode Content Guidelines can be found here:

It gives you a list and you can go through them : )

Content Guidelines:

Censor Bar Use, Nudity, and Sexual Content:

References to Drugs & Alcohol:

Suicide & Self-Harm:

Hate Speech:


Songs, Brands, Celebrities and Children:

And yep, that’s it for now, but if new rules are added in, or they change, or something else happens, I’ll be sure to keep you informed ^^


Thanks Jem! I literally just read through all of them and I found the one about alcohol particularly helpful.


Hi! When using backgrounds with built in overlays, how to you set the layer of the overlay? I’m using the INT. CAFE OL - DAY and I want one person to be behind the counter and another one in front of the counter, but I can’t seem to figure out how to move the layer of the overlay :frowning:

@overlay overlayname moves to layer _

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Hmmm yes thank you, but in this case what is the overlay name? Is “OL” the overlay name?

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Agh, I actually have no idea it works with OL. @JemU776?

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Thanks for the tag! :heart:

@puma I’ll PM you :wink:

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How to have all three episode styles in one story (ink, classic, limelight):

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Tip: when you’re naming a background you got from someone else because they’re allowing you to use it, include the person’s credit name in the background when you’re uploading it & giving it a name so you don’t forget who made it and don’t need to spend hours trying to search for the source.