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Agh, I actually have no idea it works with OL. @JemU776?

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How to have all three episode styles in one story (ink, classic, limelight):

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Tip: when you’re naming a background you got from someone else because they’re allowing you to use it, include the person’s credit name in the background when you’re uploading it & giving it a name so you don’t forget who made it and don’t need to spend hours trying to search for the source.


Check out: Discourse Text Formatting How-to!

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First of all, I want to apologize to the person whom I offended very deeply by posting this on their thread so I’ve decided to post it on my own thread. It’s pretty much what other posts on spot directing say but I wanted to make it as simple & detailed as possible. This one is dedicated to you @softangel :innocent:

Anyways, here ya go:

Spot directing:

@CHAR spot S X Y


@ANGIE spot 1.280 200 0

Walking using spot directing:

@CHAR walks to spot S X Y


@ANGIE walks to spot 1.280 400 0

The S is the height of the character (so 1.280 is how tall Angie is), the X is left to right (she walks from left to right or right to left) and Y is her going up and down (so you can make her walk from the top of the background to the bottom of the background or from the bottom of the background to the top in combination with making her walk from left to right or vice versa (the X-value) while also changing her height (S), so S would be smaller if you want your character to be smaller and S would be bigger if you want your character to be bigger OR you can place her at the top of the background, or at the bottom, or in the middle, or at any other value on the Y-axis in your story when you test out the whole thing on the web previewer)

Think of X as the horizontal axis (a horizontal line goes straight from left to right) And think of Y as the vertical axis (this line goes from top to bottom) Look at this:


Again, the horizontal line is X and the vertical line is Y

If you took Math (of course, you probably did, even though Math is boring it’s pretty easy :rofl: ) think of it like a grid.

On the x-axis (horizontal line) numbers are higher on the right side and lower on the left side. So if X was 120 and you want to make her walk from left to right, the numbers would increase. So X might change to 200 or whatever value that’s higher than 120. However, if you wanted her to go from right to left, x would decrease. If you have her at 120, it would be a lower number than 120. And looking at the value Y, it’s a straight line where negative numbers are at the bottom of the line however the numbers start increasing along the line, with very positive numbers at the top of the line.


So, to sum it up, if you want to change the height of the character, you’d change the S value in S X Y
If you want to make them walk from left to right or right to left in a straight line, you’d change the X value.
If you want them to go from top to bottom or bottom the top, you’d change the Y value.
You can change all three, or two, depending on where you wanna make your character walk.
And of course, you’d replace S X Y with actual numerical values.

Also, note, you’d need to test out the spot values for your character on the web previewer, don’t take the actual values from the grid lol, they were just used as an example!

Anyways, I hope this helped and that I didn’t make it more confusing.

XOXO :wink:

Sorry for how crooked the lines look :sweat_smile:
But I hope this somewhat helps you @softangel : )
Anyways, good luck! :black_heart:


omg you’re a life saver, thank you so much sugar ! ! (^ω^)

Thank you, your comment made my day :heart_eyes_cat:

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hi do you do script templates

I don’t. I could but it would take time to make them :thinking:

In the meantime you can check out this thread for script templates: Post your script templates here! Official script template sharing thread

@episode.mavis also has some amazing script templates:

You can find script templates here, too:

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When he’s relaxing and you come out of nowhere to knock him to the floor…but sadly, you go down with him:


@zoom reset

@BOY spot 1.280 160 0 AND BOY faces right AND BOY starts idle_phone_hold_sad

@pause for 1.5

@GIRL spot 1.280 -100 0 AND GIRL faces right

@GIRL walks to spot 1.280 80 0 in 0.6 AND GIRL does it while run_jog THEN GIRL is run_fall AND BOY is run_fall


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Bumpity Bumpity Bump!

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Do you think CC is important?

No, I don’t think that it’s important. It’s fun to add within a story because you feel like you’re in the story but a story can be enjoyable with or without it. It’s always the story line that matters the most, not whether a character can be customized or not. Also, it’s cool to see how the author imagined the character.

If someone doesn’t read because of a non-customizable MC, then they’re missing out

Also, sorry for repeating story many times lol


Need a text message scene in your story?



Is custom backgrounds a plus?

Custom backgrounds are cool and add an awe factor but I’ll still read a story even though it has no custom BG’s and the writer uses only Episode made backgrounds. I’ll read a story with basic directing, too, if the story line is freaking epic :sunglasses:

Also, I’ll read a story even if it doesn’t have a cover, cause you know, never judge a book by its cover, same applies to Episode stories right? 'Course I am right :rofl:


Im using the points system but it’s really confusing me.

So I have 3 timed choices and for every choice that u click on that’s wrong u get a mess up point by +1. I was trying to use the if elif thing where if the char has 2 mess up points or more, they get knocked out but if they don’t they hide from danger.

but i’m not sure how to do this. i tried placing this code just before the 3rd choice, but i got confused as to what happens if the reader has 2 mess up points but they hide and if a reader has none but they don’t hide.

please help

(this is copy and pasted from another thread. is that ok? im desperate to get this problem fixed as soon as possibile)

Did everything work out?

yes, thank you! I’m sorry that I was rude