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Nah, it wasn’t rude at all :laughing:

I understand, if I was struggling with something, I would probably write it that way, too :smile:

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Are there prop lists for classic?

I understand directing and all that but I was wondering if you could help me with and idea :slightly_smiling_face:
So I’m doing a paparazzi thing on the red carpet for my story and I was wondering if you had any ideas of what I could use for flashing camera?? It’s okay if you can’t help :grin::kissing_heart:

I thought about that and I think that’s what I’m going to do. Thanks :blush:


This is so useful :heart_eyes:


Not that I know of :thinking:
Classic style doesn’t even have a prop panel on the right of the script like ink and limelight does : (

Feel free to check out these threads though:

You can check out: A Complete List of Props and How to Use Them (Hidden Props Also!)
And bonus props: A Complete List of Props and How to Use Them (Hidden Props Also!)
As well as this post: Old and deleted classic props that I found that can maybe be used as overlays (They're images)



So, I know ink has these animations for taking pictures with camera flashes:

For Girls & Boys:



For limelight when it comes to taking pictures:

For Girls & Boys:



And when it comes to rapid flashes,

Having your transition for less than a second will result in rapid flashes.

So, you can write:

@transition fade in white 0.1

@transition fade in white 0.1

@transition fade in white 0.1

Within your script and add more if you’d like <3

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Merci :smile_cat:


It’s the thought that counts :smile_cat: I appreciate it ^^



@JemU776 :cry::cry:

The camera won’t shake like a twerk contest, even with the Episode life template. :anguished:

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Oh no, @Mary-P don’t cry :scream:
…Do you have the code for it? :sweat_smile:


I don’t understand this?

Hey, can you show me that part of your script? :thinking:

You can PM me if you aren’t comfortable posting it here ^^

Also, you can check out this on transitions: HOW TO: Transitions

Thank you for the guide, it helped :slight_smile:

Glad to hear :sparkling_heart:

I tried the Episode Life template but my camera just laughed at me. :pensive:

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Hi! Quick question,

I’m not good at rotating overlays but I placed the overlay in the scene and then used the rotating loop command and the Overlay is not rotating where I have placed it.

Here is my script:
@overlay LOADING 2 create
@overlay LOADING 2 shifts to 62 285 in zone 2
@overlay LOADING 2 scales to 0.560 0.560
@overlay LOADING 2 opacity 1

@pause for 1

@zoom reset

&overlay LOADING 2 rotates 360 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 1.5 loop 10 times

I do this and It doesn’t rotate over the blonde guys face in the picture - This is about where it is placed originally.

It now rotates away from the space - Why is this?


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Did everything get solved or do you still need help? :smile:

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It’s solved! It was just a glitch in the portal :wink: