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the pause worked, ty!

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So, I’ve seen other writers use this in their stories. They have the outfits like on a mannequin and you can click on it to put it on. How do you do that?

They use tappable overlays if u can click on it.

Can read more here: A Basic Guide to Tappable Overlays

Here’s a template u can use as a reference:

P.S I also worked on something but it has to do with arrows and checkmarks, not clicking the outfit, but feel free to check it out: Using Tappable Overlays in a Mannequin Template 💙

Thank you!!

NP :blush: :blue_heart:

can you help me this has popped up randomly but it worked until i put in the gain

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thank you

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If anyone needs a plain white background for 1 panel, it’s 630 (width) X 1136 (height), here u go:

for 2 panels, 1280 (width) x 1136 (height):

for 3 panels, 1920 (width) x 1136 (height):

Credit = no credit required since it’s just white backgrounds and very easy to make ^^

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Hello. I have a problem with overlays and the opacity of overlays. Why is it that sometimes when I use the command: @overlay x opacity 0, it looks super weird and bright. It’s mostly a problem I get, when I make my own PNG’s, that originally were backgrounds. So they ARE overlays, but it seems like they do not work as other overlays would.
Another problem I have, is that sometimes, when I place my overlays (and yes I have written the placement down in my script), it sometimes when I preview it, doesn’t show up where it should be.
I find these two issues a bit absurd, because I truly can’t see what I’ve done incorrectly. Hope they make sense, and that you can help.
Have a good day:)

Make sure it’s in the correct zone and sadly, there’s this weird glitch in which how something looks on the portal looks so different from mobile :sob:

Hmm, that’s weird, can u show the code for this? :thinking:

In this case, I’ve used the @overlay LARGE COVER - OL opacity 0 in 0 command, yet the overlay is at opacity 1, when I preview it? I’ll show you a screenshot of the opacity 0.5 problem a bit later.

OK, so the black backgrounds provided by episode has some problems sometimes when it comes to overlays. First of all, I encourage u to upload your own black background.

Here is a 1920 (width) x 1136 (height), 3 zones black background you can upload:

No credit required, feel free to call it EXT. ALL BLACK BACKGROUND (I will use it in the example below). How to resize images link here: HOW TO: Resize Images :revolving_hearts:


EXT. ALL BLACK BACKGROUND with LARGE COVER – OL to 0.014 28 121 in zone 1 at layer 2 with TO – TEXT to 0.011 94 161 in zone 1 at layer 3 with BE – TEXT to 0.011 170 159 in zone 1 at layer 4 with CONTINUED – TEXT to 0.014 24 149 in zone 1 at layer 5

&zoom reset

&reset hsl in 0

&overlay LARGE COVER – OL opacity 0 in 0

&overlay TO – TEXT opacity 0 in 0

&overlay BE – TEXT opacity 0 in 0

&overlay CONTINUED – TEXT opacity 0 in 0

music shortmusic_clangingmetal

volume music 50 8000

@transition fade in 3

@pause for a beat

&speechbubble is 165 294 to 100%

label QandA


Do you have any questions?

Ah okay, thank you so much. I’ll be sending a screenshot of the whole opacity 0.5 thing, once I get my computer.

Alright, so the overlays are in the right placement now, but the opacity thing doesn’t work. It’s at opacity 1 all the way through, even though I’ve used a command for it to be at opacity 0 and 0.5.

As you can in the preview section, the background is very bright and weird looking. I used the command: @overlay MANSION LOUNGE - PNG opacity 0, so it should be completely invisible, but it isn’t.

Hmm, OK it should work. Try playing it again from the top, don’t forget to put the opacity back to 0 after you show them and before u go back to the label QandA unless you’re moving onto another scene; test it on the app as well :thinking:

I just previewed it on my phone, and it works there. Thank you so much👍🏼

Glad to hear :sunglasses: