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Hey, could you help with my character outfit error? I want the character to change into a different outfit but it keeps popping up with:

Expected CHARACTER or SCENE change. Found “CELAENA_outfit_one” instead. Did your forget to CAPITILIZE the name, or close the ( ) animation bracket around the animation?

I tried these things but the same error keeps popping up, could you help me please?

Could you post a screenshot of your error or copy + paste it here?

(Too easy.)

I typed in CELAENA before but I decided I wanted to use a different outfit so I made another one called CELAENA_outfit_one and it keeps popping up with the error

Too easy.

When a character is speaking you write their name only, not their outfit name.

The one line of command that changes their outfit is:

@CELAENA changes into CELAENA_outfit_one

Thank you so much!

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Np :blob_sun: And welcome to the community :metal2: :blob_hearts:

Thought I’d share this:



And another thing! In regards to braces { } - you can call them curly brackets if you’d like :yay: :four_leaf_clover:

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I really need help with adding an overlay

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This amazing resource talks about how to add an overlay into your scene:

So, you can add it to the background like:


or you can use the create command:

@overlay OVERLAYNAME create
@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 in 0

If you go to directing helper, you can then go on the overlay helper and from there, you can change the size of the overlay as well as move the overlay around (these would give you the scale and shift numbers), assign a layer, and add a zone if the overlay isn’t in zone 1 (the default zone for the overlay if no zone is mentioned)

Example from the resource I linked:

INT. BACKGROUND with OVERLAYNAME to % X Y in zone # at layer #


EXT. ATLANTA - NIGHT with CAR ANGLE SILVER to 1.5 220 85 in zone 3 at layer 4


&overlay OVERLAYNAME create
&overlay OVERLAYNAME scales to % % in S
&overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to X Y in zone # in S
&overlay OVERLAYNAME to layer #
&overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 in S


&overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER create
&overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER scales to 1.5 1.5 in 0
&overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER shifts to 220 85 in zone 3 in 0
&overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER to layer 4
&overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER opacity 1 in 0

You can add as many overlays as you want whether to the background using with OVERLAYNAME or the create command (must also use opacity when using the create command for the overlay to be visible). Avoid naming your overlay with the word AND (ex. HONEY AND SPICE) as that can cause issues since AND/and is a command.

Another thing! The resourceful webpage talks about this but here are some notes:

  1. % is the size of the overlay
  2. X is the overlay placed from side to side (lower numbers on left, higher numbers on right, think of it like a graph) on x - axis (horizontal)
  3. Y is the overlay placed up, down (lower numbers down, higher numbers up, think of it like a graph) on y - axis (vertical)
  4. #is a number and S is a number (stands for seconds, can be decimals and whole numbers as well as 0, but not negative as time can’t go backwards)
  5. opacity goes from 0-1 (0% - 100%) not visible to fully visible (0.5 or 50% is see through)

Hi JemU776 :blush:

I’m making timed choices for the first time and I have a question:
Is there a way to make the second choice the “right one” without it being automatically chosen?

Quote from:

“If the timer runs out and a choice has not been tapped, the very last option will be the default outcome.”

If no option is chosen, then the last option immediately plays when the timer runs out though I do hope they’re working on something.

Which wire do you cut?

​choice [timed:center:5]
“Red wire” {

} “Blue wire” {

} “Green wire” {


*Example taken from guide above:

So when we like make an option gold by writing < PREMIUM > we should have a feature that is like < LAST > or <NOT_TAPPED > to an option so it’s the one that plays through when the timer runs out. Or we should be able to write up an outcome that will occur if no timed choices are tapped. I wish we had these features but alas, it is the last option that plays. I really wish it wouldn’t always default to the last one when no option is chosen, sigh.

However you can use overlays too and make your own timed choices template (example in this thread): Can someone make me a tappable overlay timer template?


I think I’ll go for the not_tapped solution

Overlays and timed choices together look like a challenge for another time :exploding_head:

No my bad, I wrote it weirdly lol, we don’t have these features but I wish we did. I meant it would be great if we had these but no :sob:

@Nessya :blob_sun:

I just thought about adding another option named time out which will the same as the wrong choice so that’s okay :wink:

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I really stuck with this error